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4D Theatres in Chennai – 4DX Theatres

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4D Theatres in Chennai

To understand what is 4DX, we need to move on a little deeper into the facilities and features. A 4D theater is the biggest invention of the cinematography industry. The feel while watching movies is excellent. All the other features are the same in 4DX screens. The bond between the viewer and the director is experienced as expressed.


4D theatres in chennai

What is the difference between regular and 4D theatres? 

The answer is very simple. Every dimension development in film industry is a success. This 4DX gives new feel on the seats moving, special effects inclusion such as wind, rain, sound, fog, bubble appearance, lightening, water, scent smell, water feel, etc. Though none of these can be felt really in 2D or 3D theatres.

True that in some reviews the viewers might not have felt the real experience but, the true 4DX screens are an extraordinary development of enhancing good connection among the viewers. The exact director’s feel can be felt with the control on the external environment within the theater.


List of 4D Theatres in Chennai

  • PVR cinema, Abirami Hall
  • Pix 5D Cinema
  • SPI Palazzo: Forum Mall
  • INOX: The Marina Mall, AGS
  • Sathyam Cinema, Royapettah


1. PVR cinema, Abirami Hall

PVR cinema located in Chennai has got all the best features to make their audience sense both physical and mental aspects. The Abirami Hall has planned to amuse their movie lovers surprising amusement. They have also planned to launch the best experience.

2. Pix 5D Cinema

This is located in Express Avenue at Shop No. 400 on 3rd Floor. The exact place to reach is the Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai. They offer unique service to their clients with 4DX shows. The extra facility of sprays always awe the clients and repeated visits are noticed. The seats are very comfortable for both kids and adults. The real-time experience is noticed in the theater. The food items are available outside to freshen up. The lavatory facility is excellent. 


3. SPI Palazzo: Forum Mall

The SPI Cinema in Forum Mall is located at Vadapalani, Chennai. The facilities of paying via paytm, online booking of seats for couples in their loved seats. The food available within the theater is of nominal charges and they have the facility to order it to deliver to the corresponding seats. The ambiance is excellent. A very decent environment maintenance for couple, family and kids.


4. INOX: The Marina Mall, AGS

The famous INOX is located in The Marina Mall at Old Mahabalipuram Road Egatoor, Navalur. Theater looks very beautiful from both outside and in the inside region. As it is located in the center of the city it is very must accessible for all people from different parts of the city. The most suitable place for all age groups. All the requisites are completely convincing in providing their best service. The 4DX rooms are excellent for all to watch all types of movies.


5. Sathyam Cinema, Royapettah

The oldest theater in Chennai is Sathyam Cinemas. This is located in Peter’s Colony, Royapettah. This is famous for best hospitality and sound effect. The technology used in this theater is high-end without any negative reviews. All the visitors of multiple age groups are convinced with the seating arrangements and atmosphere within the theater.


Some Other 4DX Theatres in India

In India, at present they are available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, many others. PVR cinema hold on 4DX screen in different locations. The outcome of the theater is excellent as the connection between the viewer and the cinema is better emotional. The view of the screen is also unimaginable and new. Moving on to food, there are option to take food and eat in theater at some places. There is no special break, so there is no discontinuity while watching favorite movies. The ambiance is clean, smell of scent and fogy feeling gives the real touch to the technology, watching movies in top 4DX theatres is to enjoy the maximum happiness than unsatisfied experience in 3D or Real D theatres. 

  • PVR Infiniti mall, Mumbai
  • Cinepolis, Viviana Mall, Thane
  • PVR Market city, Kurla, Maharashtra
  • Forum Mall, Coromangala, Bangalore
  • Next Galleria Mall, Hyderabad
  • Cinemax 4DX, Maharashtra
  • Cinepolis, DLF phase, Delhi
  • PVR ECX 4DX Mall of India, Noida
  • PVR Lovix 4DX, Noida
  • PVR MGF 4DX, Gurgaon
  • PVR, Orion Mall, Bengaluru
  • PVR Vega City Mall, Bengaluru
  • Cinepolis, Bangalore
  • PVR Pacific Mall, Delhi
  • PVR, Acropolis 4DX, Ahmedabad
  • PVR Rahul Raj, Surat, Gujarat
  • PVR, Chandigarh


1. PVR Logix City Center Mall, Noida

This is located near wave city centre, sector 32, Uttar Pradesh. The best theater located within the city with availability of all resources such as food, lavatory, comfort, 4D facility, minimal pricing. Best hospitality. Wonderful ambiance.
Most of the viewers like to visit again in couple or as family because of the excellent maintenance of the theater. There is also play area for children within the Mall that comforts both parents and children.


2. Cinepolis, Viviana Mall, Thane, Mumbai

Cinepolis is one of the top theater among the movie theater chain that provides the efficient and effect sound along with excellent projection of the image on rolling. The location of the theater is in Voltas Compound Pokhran Road, that is next to Jupiter Hospital Eastern Express Highway at Thane, Mumbai. The staffs over here always ready for the client’s approach at any point of the time. Good quality rating is given among all the other theatres.


3. PVR Market City, Kurla, Maharashtra

Kurla is famous for heritage spots and mill industry. This famous spots include PVR Market City. this is situated at Mumbai Suburban area. The tickets are available in multiple rates that the visitor can choose as per their requirement. The 4DX screens are best among all the other perfections. The seat motions are apt for the image and sound appearance on-screen. 


4. Forum Mall, Cormangala, Bengaluru

PVR in this location is very attractive with digital sound effects and 4DX effects. Their location is at Adugodi Main Road, Bangalore. This is considered as one among the best theatres at this region by the viewers or the public. The theater wide and the screens are wider among all other theatres. The pricing is affordable by the public and welcomes all the new release movies irrespective of the dimension. 


5. Next Galleria Mall, Hyderabad

This theater can be found at Punjagutta location in Hyderabad. The entire environment in the theater is very pleasing and none negative aspects are noted. The finding of the theater is very easy as this is one among the best theatres in Hyderabad. The facility of 4D is considered as one among the top 4D theatres in India.

Technology Improvement in 4DX Theatres

There are few technical aspects that are to be viewed before moving further in to the available theatres in Chennai.

  • The seats synchronize with the film sequences appearing over the screen. As these seats hold thicker material. There are breaks on rolling and pitching moments.
  • Irrespective of IMAX or Dolby screens it is very important to give more importance to the high-end technology that is developed.
  • More fun than regular ones.
  • The screen size may be bigger than 2D theater screen, in 4DX theatres the resolution is 2K only.
  • “state-of-the-art film technology developed by CJ 4DPLEX which delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience.” Is considered as 4DX.
  • There is a wide range of speed control and vibration control
  • The combination of good cutting edge technology with better quality.  



The realistic feel of emotional and physical contact with the external world brings the real feel in the clients. The hyper-realistic experience through motion is the best advantage of all other types of theater.

Thus, the experience may vary from person to person while watching films on different theatres. Every theater is different from one another. It is in the viewers hands to enjoy or not.

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