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Top 10 Best Formal Shirt Brands in India

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Formals are of the utmost necessity when it comes to a professional workspace. It enhances the individual’s personality and makes them look more presentable and dedicated towards their work. Good formal shirt is not only helpful as office wear but works great in functions and parties.

Best Formal Shirt Brands in india 2021
Best Formal Shirt Brands in India

Top 4 Reason to buy branded formal shirts

1. Recommended choice for Office:

A good branded office formal shirt is a must-have in a men’s wardrobe. One need not invest much time to think about his looks to the daily hectic schedule of the office. A branded formal shirt when paired with monochrome formal pants looks absolutely stunning.

2. Fit and Comfortable:

Just as Branded clothes are always comfortable and fit perfectly to a person. One can wear a branded shirt and style it in different ways. These fabrics make you feel confident and secure on your own skin. The fabrics are breathable which are suitable in adverse climates.

3. Long Lasting:

White Branded shirts are called “worthy” for a reason. The fabric is made with high-quality material and comes in different sizes. The branded shirts don’t fade colors easily and retain their shine for a very long time. The fabric of the clothes doesn’t wrinkle and stays fresh after multiple washes.

4.  Gain Attention:

Branded shirts come in the perfect fit; hence it just fits the body in the right places. Also, the shirt comes with its own identification. The brand logo makes it look more attractive and creates eye-catching yet decent attention to people. It gives a man a gentlemen’s persona.

Top 10 Best Formal Shirt Brands in India for Office Wear

These are the top 10 formal shirt brands in India, If you are looking for best T-shirts in India; then click here

Tommy Hilfiger

Van Heusen

Peter England

Louis Philippe


Park Avenue


US Polo

Marks & Spencer 

John Players

#1 - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an international brand which is known for its premium quality fabrics. It is a classic innovation in the market of formal attires.

It produces a wide range of professional attires. It emphasizes mainly its quality. The handcuffs come in different designs that could be adjusted into adjustable lengths.

It also comes in different colors and patterns. The brand also focuses on the buttons of the shirt which is quite impressive. It is also known for the wide range of soft-colored formals that most brands fail to provide.

About This Formal Shirt:

This shirt comes in a process green color which reflects a man’s decency at the workplace. It has a striped print all over the body.

The shirt is made with a hundred percent pure cotton and doesn’t fade color even after multiple washes. It has a sturdy collar ad an attractive cuff that complements a man’s professional look.

The fitting of the shirt is in a regular fit, which suits all kinds of body type. It looks stunning on days when one has to look presentable and organized. The shirt is recommended for machine washes.

Tommy Hilfiger Formal Shirt

#2 - Van Heusen

Van Heusen is well known for its minute detailing and impressive fittings of its shirt. It provides a very flattering look to a man.

The Van Heusen shirts have a sturdy collar which is extremely important for a professional lad. The collars give a man a smart and organized look, while a loose collar can make a person look unorganized.

This brand provides a different kind of prints and patterns that goes really well for both professional and personal wear.

About This Formal Shirt:

This shirt is crisp white in color, which looks absolutely stunning as professional wear. One can pair it with grey fitted trousers or jeans to get the desired look.

It has a strong collar and a buttoned cuff. The shirt is skin-friendly and is made with 100% cotton, which makes it perfect summer wear.

The fitting of the shirt is slim fit, which flatters the muscular size of a man and makes them look smart and intelligent. The shirt can be washed in the machine.

Van Heusen Formal Shirt

#3 - Peter England

Peter England is a huge success in the Indian market. Every one or the other knows about peter England for its standardized quality and accurate fittings.

It is known to have one of the best qualities when we talk about fabrics. This brand produces a wide range of formal shirts varying from formal to semi-formal to party wears.

These come in a different kind of pattern and prints that looks effortless and stylish at the same time. Some of their best-sellers are the wide striped bold color shirts.

About This Formal Shirt:

This light yellow solid-colored shirt is made for office wear, especially when one has to attend conferences or present in front of boards.

It has a cutaway collar that makes it comfortable to wear and gives a cool and composed vibe. The handcuffs have buttons so that one can adjust them to full-length or quarter sleeves.

The shirt is made with 100 percent pure cotton and is extremely skin-friendly. The fitting of the shirt comes in a regular fit which suits every body type.

Peter England Formal Shirt

#4 - Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe is an international brand yet well known among Indians for its classic style and decent attires. It provides accurate fittings as provided in its different size chart.

It comes in three different kinds of fitting that is tailored fit, regular fit, and slim fit. The shirts also come with a distinct yet stylish logo, which provides an expensive look to the formals.

One can choose different patterned shirts according to the occasion they prefer it to wear.

About This Formal Shirt:

This Louis Philippe shirt comes in a striped pattern, which is perfect for regular weekdays in the office. It is slim fit shirt, which hugs the body at perfect parts and looks extremely flattering on muscular body type.

The shirt is made up of 98% Cotton and 2% spandex which make it perfect for summer days. This formal shirt has an attractive cuff that can be paired with blazers and jackets.

 It also has a sturdy collar that makes the overall look charming and decent.

Louis Philippe Formal Shirt

#5 - Raymond

Raymond is well known among Indians for traditional attire. But what we are unfamiliar with is the formal clothes it has in its stock. It provides premium quality formal wear that is perfect for the office and any other workplace.

It has perfect cuff designs and A-lined buttons that provide a classy touch to its shirts. The brand offers various patterns of formal shirts that come in block prints, striped and solid colors. 

One should keep in mind that the formals could also be altered to get a semi-formal look, that can carry them to the formal evenings. 

About This Formal Shirt:

The grey color shirt looks very elegant on Indian skin tone. It comes with full-length sleeves and with a regular fit.

The shirt is made with wool which makes it a perfect wear for atoms and winters. The buttons of the shirt complement the main color of the shirt perfectly and are aligned in an A-line fashion. 

The shirt has a sturdy collar and a stiff cuff. The shirt has a contemporary fitting with a semi-cutaway near the collars.

Raymond Formal Shirt

#6 - Park Avenue

Park Avenue is a Raymond Owned brand that is renounced all over India, especially among the folks. It is known for its quality T-shirts and casual wear, but it also produces premium quality formal wear that is well suited for office and social events. 

The brand offers easy-on-pocket materials. It has a wide range of patterns varying from block prints, striped, checkered, and solid colors. 

The fabric of the brand is smooth and skin-friendly. It also provides great stiffness around the collars and cuffs.

About This Formal Shirt:

The shirt is semi-formal attire that comes in a medium maroon color. It is perfect for office evenings or for a social event, where you don’t want to look over the top, but want to catch a decent amount of attention. 

The fitting of the shirt is a slim fit that looks extremely flattering in muscular body types. It has a front pocket. The material of the shirt is cotton and has A-lined buttons. 

The length of the sleeves is full and can be adjusted according to the demand of the occasion. It is recommended to wash the shirt with a mild detergent in the machine and not to dry in harsh sunlight.

Park Avenue Formal Shirt

#7 - Arrow

Arrow is recognized as the oldest brand all over the globe. Owned by PVH Company, the brand has great fame when it comes to formal attire.

Arrow produces the classic formals may it be a shirt or pants. It is known for the different kinds of patterns and executed details on the collar and cuffs.

The logo of Arrow attracts a lot of attention as it shows class, and reflects the stylish part of you. One of their best-sellers is their soft color formal shirts which can be worn on different formal occasions.

About This Formal Shirt:

The shirt comes in a powder blue color with broad beige stripes. Perfect for winter and autumn wears. The shire has full-length sleeves and can be adjusted according to the need.

The quality of the fabric is a hundred percent pure cotton. The cuffs of the shirt are designed with buttons on them, which look absolutely stunning when paired with a soft color blazer.

The collar of the shirt stands stiff and gives an organized look. The fitting of the shirt is in a regular fit.

Arrow Formal Shirt

#8 - US Polo

US polo is one of the known brands in India and all over the globe. The brand is known for its trendiest T-Shirts, but it also produces formals for men.

The brand is exclusively known for its quality and its small block prints. The formals come in different kinds of prints on them like blocks, soft solids, and rayon mixed with cotton for semi-formal events.

The shirt pays close attention to the detailing of its cuff. Most of the cuffs of the shirt come with two adjustable buttons which look attractive when folded into quarter length or buttoned in full-lengths.

About This Formal Shirt:

This shirt comes in a classic off-white color. It can be worn to any kind of formal event and conference. The shirt has an attractive collar with beige lines as its border.

It has a stunning cuff that looks cool with contrast blazers. The soft off-white color looks great when paired with the right kind of accessory.

The shirt is recommended for hand wear. The fitting of the shirt is impressive as it comes in regular fitting which suits all kinds of body types.

US Polo Formal Shirt

#9 - Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is considered a prominent brand all over the globe. It has gained popularity in India among the youths and trusted by many.

The brand produces both casual and formal wear. They have a wide range of monochrome, bold, soft patterned shirts that carry forward the men’s look in the best way possible.

The brand provides rare color combinations and prints that most of the brands are unable to provide.

About This Formal Shirt:

This shirt is in Navy mix color. Perfect for summers the fabric of the shirt is 60% Polyester 40% Viscose. The shirt is recommended for machine wash.

It has an attractive cuff and a full-length sleeve that gains a lot of attention. The shirt is best to wear for any kind of conference or meeting.

The buttons of the shirt are aligned in an A-line fashion. The shirt has a stiff collar that gives an intelligent look to an individual.

Marks and Spencer Formal Shirt

#10 - John Players

John Players is considered a luxury brand in India. It has a wide range of formal shirts with different patterns. The brand ensures a lad to have both style and comfort handy.

The brand produces impressive cuffs and collars with great strength. The fabric of the brand is made with premium quality materials that are both durable and skin-friendly.

The formals of the brand come in different fittings and one can choose according to the preferable body type.

About This Formal Shirt:

The shirt is made of charcoal grey color. It has a prominent A-lined buttons that enhances the masculine feature of a man. It has a slim fitting that flatters the body in the right places.

The fabric is recommended for machine wash. The shirt can be worn to formal events and even to casual hangouts. The shirt is made up of a hundred percent pure cotton and is easy to wear in the summers.

John Players Formal Shirt

What are the Differences between Slim Fit and Regular Fit Shirts? Which one to choose?

There is a wide spectrum of views when it comes to slim-fit and regular-fit shirts. People either confuses that both the fittings are the same (or) is unaware of the difference between the slim and regular fit. So let us look at the basic differences between slim fit and regular fit. 

● Slim Fit:

The slim fit shirts are perfect for lean-to-fit body types. It hugs the body around the muscular area, making it look toned and fit. 

The slim-fit shirts narrow down near the waist area. Thus if a person wears a size larger or smaller shirt than the actual size, then the fitting won’t sit correctly. And it might look off and bulky. 

Whereas if one wears the accurate size cloth, then this fitting enhances the look and provides a stylish aura.

● Regular Fit:

The regular fit clothes suit all kinds of body types. It is perfect for office wear, as it gives a comfortable feel. The size of the shirt comes a little loose on the body, which makes it breezy. 

It makes a man look decent in office wear. While the one concern about regular fit is its length. The length of the shirt should be kept favorable in the regular fittings. 

Otherwise, it looks bulky around the waist area because of the extra length of the shirt.

One should prefer regular fit shirts over slim fit as it provides both style and class. It is more comfortable than slim fits.

But if one needs to look a little more trendy and glam up, then the slim fit is the one that would go best.

Guide to buying a formal shirt

● Size that fits in your body:

A formal shirt isn’t regular wear. The name suggests that it should be worn to ethical places. Hence a classic fit formal is a must for every man. It adds elegance and a sudden sense of confidence to your personality. Hence it is important to know the actual size and length of your body before buying a formal.

● Fabric:

Many people are allergic to a certain kind of fabric. Hence it is important to research and know the quality of the fabric before buying the shirt. One should ensure that the shirt should be of high quality and don’t leave color stains and wrinkle after washes. Also, it needs to be skin-friendly for sensitive people.

● Pattern of shirt:

A formal shirt comes in a variety of patterns. It depends on the occasion you need it for. There are various branded shirts available in classic striped patterns that look very stylish as in office wear. One can opt for bold or plane shades while attending an official conference or any kind of formal meet ups.

● Strong collar:

One should ensure the strength of the collar while buying a shirt. It should have a sturdy collar that looks absolutely masculine on a man. Some shirts can have a loose collar structure that looks very disappointing and makes a person look unorganized. Hence a good branded shirt with a strong collar is a must-have.

● Matching Button:

Buttons might seem like a worthless point to take into consideration, but trust us it is not. Buttons give a distinct look on formal shirts as they are aligned in the A-line system. One should always keep in mind that the button should be strong and durable and do not fall while using it. There are various kinds of buttons on a men’s formal shirt, but it is wise to always opt for plastic buttons as it is available everywhere, and it’s affordable.

● Attractive Cuffs:

Generally people don’t pay attention to the small details of the shirt like cuffs. Cuffs are one of the finest detailing frameworks of the shirt, which makes it stand out from others. Especially when someone is wearing a formal blazer, an attractive cuff can improve a person’s look. So next time you buy a branded formal shirt, pay close attention to the details of the cuff.

Which is the best brand for formal shirts in India?

After going through various perspectives, and researching the quality of brands in the Indian market. We came to the conclusion that Tommy Hilfiger is the best formal shirt brand in India. It is not that expensive and provides the best quality fabric. It is durable and long-lasting. 

It comes in a variety of sizes and different kinds of prints and bold colors. The fitting of the shirts come accurate to the size chart they provide. Louis Phillipe is one of the well-known formal shirt brands. Hence it is trustworthy and dignified.

Tommy Hilfiger Formal Shirt

FAQ's About Formal Shirts

1. How to select formal shirts?

There are many factors to consider while buying a formal shirt such as fabrics, quality, cuffs, and collar, etc.

2. Which fabric is best for formal shirts?

Cotton is considered the best fabric for formals.

3. How to wear scarves on formal shirts?

Scarves can be wrapped around the collar and can be tied in a knot. This look goes well with a heavy-weight jacket during winters.

4. How to match formal shirts and pants?

Always opt for sober colors like black, blue, powder grey, beige. Anything that doesn’t catch attention.

5. What is the difference between casual and formal shirts?

Casuals can be worn to any kind of place. It can be worn to places where people can chill. But formals are to be worn to workplaces where decency has to be maintained.

6. Which fitting is best for man?

Regular fittings go best for men of any shape and size.

7. Which color formal shirt should one wear?

White and blue are preferably the two most prominent colors in formal wear.

8. Are buttoned-down shirts formal?

No, buttoned-down shirts are considered casuals.


Formal shirts are a must-have essential in a men’s wardrobe. A branded formal shirt makes a lad look intelligent and put together by nature. The formal shirts are best for office wears, conferences, and other social events. But before buying a branded shirt, you must consider the above-said points to get the best out of it.

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