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Top 15 Best Sweater Brands in India for Men and Women

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Winters are here, and winters call for sweaters, hoodies, and jackets. But oftentimes we are fooled by the materials and the fabric that we get in the market of ordinary brands. So, here I provide you some best sweater brand options for both men and women that are trendy, branded as well as comfortable in the winters.

Best Sweater Brands in India

11 Best Sweaters for Men in India

Here I have listed 11 Best sweater for Men,

#1 - Wrangler Authentic Men's Sweater Fleece Quarter

Wrangler is a premium brand when it comes to men’s clothing, may it be winter or summer attire. Wrangler never disappoints its customer and is known for its furnished product.

The sweater is made with high-quality fabric with dimensions of 46.5 x 31.3 x 5.79 cm; which keeps an individual cozy and warm in the chilly winters.

The sweater is known for it’s VERSATILE. Use it; one can pair it with the regular denim or with some tracks to get a perfect gym look. It is perfect for a date night as well as for a chill day out.

The sweater is made with 100 percent pure polyester which locks the body temperature and restricts the body temperature to get low. Also, an additional layer of fleece is provided in the sweater to make it extra comfortable.

The stitching of the sweater is uniquely crafted which makes it durable and easy to pull day and night. 

Wrangler Authentics Mens Sweater

#2 - Aarbee Men's Blended V-Neck Sweater

Aarbee is a clothing brand that started on 23 September 2015. It is a new affordable clothing brand that provides excellent quality clothing material like sweaters, cardigans, jackets, and many more.

The main attraction of this clothing brand is its pocket-friendly price which makes it apt for students and youngsters.

This wide grey and the black colored sweater is apt for people looking for some winter wear that is stylish as well as comfortable. The sleeves of the sweater are long which makes it appropriate for winters.

The neck of the sweater is in the shape of a V, which makes it look cool as it flaunts the appropriate amount of skin, and makes the neck moment-free. The dimension of the sweater is 32.4 x 24.8 x 4.3 cm, and it is approx 260 Grams.

The sweater has a striped pattern and the material of the sweater is a mix of woolen and acrylic, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. 

aarbee Mens Blended VNeck Sweater

#3 - Red Tape Men's Synthetic Sweater

Red tape is a clothing brand that initially started on 9 September 2019. It delivers all kinds of clothes including sweaters, shrugs, casual shirts, etc. It comes in a mid-range fashion brand and is known for its durable materials.

The sweater comes in a salmon-colored skin-friendly synthetic material which looks so cool when paired with formal high neck shirts and formal pants.

The color of this sweater is very exclusive, which is rarely seen in some high-end branded stores. This baby pink color sweater has a solid pattern and goes really well with denim and formal pants.

This sweater is perfect for a date or a formal office meet. With long sleeves, the sweater is perfect for chilly evenings where you don’t want to put on some heavy jackets.

The dimension of the sweater is 36.9 x 27.1 x 5.2 cm. And is approx 600 g. The sweater is recommended for Machine Wash.

Red Tape Mens Synthetic Sweater

#4 - Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cotton Sweater

Tommy Hilfiger is a luxury brand all over the world; which is known for its clothes, accessories, Handkerchiefs, and perfumes. It is a posh brand that is being adored by stars and celebrities.

The sweater is of Sweet Grape Heather color, which is perfect for winters. It also falls under the color palette for the fall season. It has a loose fit which makes it comfortable to wear both day and night.

The material is made with 90% Cotton, 5% wool, and 5% cashmere which of all the lavish materials that are known keep the body temp high in winters. The dimensions of 29.8 x 24.6 x 3.6 cm.

The material is recommended to wash with hands with gentle exfoliates, not by any kind of bleach.

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Cotton Sweater

#5 - Red Chief Men's Casual Solid Sweater

The red chief casual solid sweaters are the must-have in your wardrobe, known for their excellent quality and comfortable fleece and layering; it is one of the trendiest sweaters to have.

The sweater has a regular fit and has a nice velvety feel to it. The color of the sweater is in the shade wine.
The sweater is apt to wear on casual day outs and also for a date night due to its versatile color.

It has 100 percent pure cotton fabric which makes it super comfortable to wear and is skin-friendly. It can be Machine Washed with gentle detergents.

Red Chief Mens Casual Solid Sweater

#6 - KILLER Men's Sweaters

Killer Men’s sweaters are the perfect kind of casual fall wear that is very casual and falls in the sweaters section. It is a slim fit type and the material is cotton that makes the sweater skin friendly.

The fleece of the sweater has soft cotton that fits perfectly on the skin and keeps the body temp locked.

The sweater is Black in color and has a solid pattern with full sleeves. It is perfect for winter where you can lounge around at home.

The dimension of the sweater is 43.5 x 26.8 x 6.9 cm; and is approx 450 Grams. The garment is recommended to wash with cold water and with mild detergent.

KILLER Mens Sweaters

#7 - Blackberrys Men's Cotton Sweater

Blackberrys Men’s sweater comes in parachute purple which is an unusual color that isn’t normally available in the ordinary market.

Blackberry is a well known branded clothing house for men that deliver excellent products. Made with 100 percent cotton the sweater is stripped in pattern and has a slim fit that hugs the body in the right place.

The product is made in India, the sweater is a premium quality that is stitched with Flat knit that provides you the granny’s touch and a vintage look.

The sweater has a length breadth and with of 42.8 x 28 x 2.8 cm; and approx of 380 Grams. It is recommended to have a Lower heat Iron on the material.

blackberrys Mens Cotton Sweater

#8 - Monte Carlo Men's Sweater

Monte Carlo Fashions Limited is an India based fabric manufacturing company that is known for its Aesthetic and pastel clothes.

They produce a wide range of sweaters for men and women. The sweater is exclusively trendy and has a very stylish design.

The sweater has lavender color and has a turtle neck that goes really well with deep denim. The material is made with pure wool that makes it apt for winters.

The dimension of the sweater is 3.81 x 4.24 x 0.46 Meters. The sweater is recommended for gentle machine wash and no harsh bleaching. This sweater is perfect for all occasions.

Monte Carlo Mens Sweater

#9 - Raymond Men's Full Sleeve Regular FIT Sweater Cotton

Raymond is a well known Indian brand and is known for its posh men’s collection. The sweater from this brand is a must-have for its exclusive design and vintage look.

The sweater is solid white in color and has a beautiful pattern all over. The sweater has three fourth sleeves and is made up of pure cotton. Hence the fleece of the sweater is very comfortable and durable.

The dimension of the sweater is 34 x 26 x 0.5 cm, and it is approx 290 Grams, which makes it suitable in length for winters and atoms.

This sweater is perfect for all occasions may it being a day or nightwear. You can Machine Wash the material with a suitable detergent.

Raymond Mens Full Sleeve Regular FIT Sweater

#10 - Van Heusen Sport Men's Synthetic Sweater

Van Heusen is an imported brand that is trusted by millions in clothing. It has an amazing collection of men’s clothing and accessories. The brand stands at an honorable position of 3, 52,301 in Clothing & Accessories.

The sweater has a mustard yellow color that is a popular demand for the fall season. The Material of the sweater is Synthetic, the dimension of the product is 32.2 x 26 x 1.6 cm, and the weight of the material is 240 Grams.

It is appropriate for atoms and chilled evenings when you don’t need too heavy. You can pair this lightweight sweater with any kind of solid shirts for extra layering. The material of the sweater demands dry cleaning only.

Van Heusen Sport Mens Synthetic Sweater

#11 - Peter England Men's Synthetic Sweater

Peter England is an acknowledged brand all over men’s collection. The sweater is made up of polyester and acrylic that gives the perfect warmth to the body. Also, it locks in the temperature of the body.

The sweater is dual colored with a unique neck and body design, which makes it look classy. The sleeves of the sweater are long.

The sweater comes in a black and white combination with a V neck. The dimension of the sweater is 30.5 x 22.5 x 3 cm, and this is 600 Grams.

The checkered neck print looks stunning when collaborated with any formal shirts. This can be worn to offices and colleges. The product is Made in India.

Peter England Mens Synthetic Sweater

5 Best Sweaters for Women in India

Here I have listed 11 Best sweater for Women,

#1 - Kalt Women's Acrylic V-Neck Sweater

Kalt brand produces the finest kinds of clothing materials as the brand stands in the 321 ranks in Clothing & Accessories. Kalt women’s sweater is one of the finest products that are useful for the fall and autumn season.

The sweater is long-sleeved with a V-Neck style. With an exclusive knitted touch, the sweater is grey, which is perfect for formal and casual wear. Made with pure acrylic which gives a great touch to the skin and locks the temperature.

The sweater has a beautiful design all over with bulky buttons that give a stylish touch. The dimensions of the sweater are 38 x 30 x 2.49 cm.

Kalt Womens Acrylic VNeck Sweater

#2 - Aarbee Women's Blended V-Neck Sweater

Aarbee as discussed above is an excellent clothing brand that produces materials for both men and women that are always on-trend. The specialty of the brand is its wide collection of colors.

The material of this sweater is mixed and blended with different kinds of materials; the sweater offers a side pocket which most sweaters lack and hence gives a very comfortable feel to it.

The sweater has long sleeves that keep your body warm. Also, it has a very unique hemline ribbed design that makes it pop out.

The dimension of the sweater is 27.99 x 21.01 x 3 cm. The sweater should wash with cold water and use mild detergents.

aarbee Womens Blended V Neck

#3 - V28 Women High Neck Turtleneck Stretchable Sweater

V28 is a cool brand that offers trendy sweaters and fall wears. The designs of the brand are always in fashion. Adored by all for is high-quality Stitching of Germany Stroll machine that ensures a perfect finish.

The sweater has a nude color and turtleneck that perfectly goes with any kind of denim or trousers. The material has the female body in the right parts that show the exact amount of curves that you can flaunt.

Made with premium quality silk, cotton, and other polyester material that keeps your body warm. The dimensions of the product are 23.39 x 18.1 x 8 cm. The sweater requires Gentle Machine Wash in Coldwater.

v28 Women Sleeveless High Neck TSweater

#4 - Aibrou Women Long Sleeve Open Front Sweater

Aibrou Women clothing brand is one of the well-known brands in the Indian market. It offers high-quality products like sweaters, cardigans, shrugs, etc. The brand does an excellent job with the size chart and delivers the exact material.

The sweater can be worn as a zip cardigan that is made with 50% viscose, 28% nylon 22% polyester, which is extremely skin-friendly and keeps body temperature comfortable. It is advisable to wash the product in cold water and not use any kind of harsh bleaching materials.

The product is 34.5 x 26.1 x 3.7 cm in dimension and opens at the front with zipping provided. The cardigan is of apricot color that is appropriate for day outs, casual evening strolls, or a party.

You can probably pair the cardigan with jeans or above a casual tee. Or a solid color camisole.

Aibrou Womens Zip Up Long Sleeve Sweater

#5 - JJ Perfection Women's Sweater

JJ perfection is one of the best-reviewed brands online that offers a variety of posh clothes. It is excellent for winter if you are looking for a trendy pullover or fall wear.

The JJ perfection women’s sweater comes in Burgundy or wine color that makes your winter look bold and sensual.

The sweater has long sleeves with a turtle neck and ribbed hem design. The sweater can be paired with some checked trousers or normal jeans. These sweaters can be worn to parties because of their bold color.

The fitting of the sweater is just perfect and elevates the curve of a woman. The dimensions of the product are 34.5 x 26.1 x 3.7 cm;

For the sweeter, it is advisable to wash it in cold water and not use any kind of steam iron dry clean or bleach. 

JJ Perfection Womens Stretch Sweater

How to remove lint from sweaters?

How annoying it gets when lint’s stick to your brand new sweater and make it look dull and dusty. I often have a hard time dealing with these problems. But no worries as here are some cool ways that can make lints go away instantly.

1. Use comb: Yes, combs can make your sweater look lint-free. All you need to do is to run down your narrow comb all over the sweater gently. Don’t go too harsh on it as it can damage the sweater.

2. Make a lint Roller: Take a wide tap, and stick it all around a roller. Make sure the glues part is an upside. Now slowly rub the lint roller all over the sweater and get rid of the lint.

3. Vacuum: Vacuuming is another easy option to get rid of the lints. You can gently vacuum the sweater, make sure you set your vacuum in the lowest power, and get rid of the lint.

How to wash sweaters at home?

Sweaters are hectic to wash, but if taken care they remain in our wardrobes for the longest time. For washing sweaters, it is always recommended to wash them according to the direction mentioned in the product.

For long-lasting and durability of sweaters, you can wash the sweaters in tap water and with mild soaps. You can use fabric comforters instead of harsh detergents to maintain its shine.

How to fold sweaters to save space?

Sweaters can stock up a lot of space in your wardrobe, so it’s necessary to fold them properly. Here is an easy way you can fold your sweaters.

1. You can start by laying the sweater down.

2. Fold one of the sleeves to the center and repeat the same with the other.

3. Now roll up the boy part to the up and flip the side.

More FAQ with Answers

1. Why do we wear sweaters in cold weather?

To keep our body cold

2. How much do sweaters cost?

500 to 10000 Rs

3. Where to buy sweaters Online?

In Amazon

4. How to wear oversized sweaters?

Alter it and wear, tuck up inside the pant.

Choose the best sweater for this winter

Winters are here, and hence you need to hurry up for some hot attire that makes your body feel warm and elevates your look. This winter, it’s essential to incorporate some bright colors in your wardrobe.

So, we have listed above some of the best sweater brands in India that will last you long and are worth investing in.

I hope you like my article, I have also wrote an article about 11 Best Handkerchief Brands in India and 11 Best Lungi Brands in India. Its worth to check.


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