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13 Best Mosquito nets for bed in India

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Mosquito nets are very important for regular life. Without mosquito nets, it is tough to get peaceful sleep in India. These are used throughout the year, ensuring a proper breathing space and good sleep is very much mandatory. Making your bed best is very essential. Thus, selecting a proper mosquito net is the key factor, these include sizes, shapes, colors, forms, etc. So, I have selected 13 best mosquito nets for your bed in this article, keep reading.

Best Mosquito Nets for Bed

What's Inside

3 Factors to consider before buying a Mosquito Net

When we buy an single mosquito nets it is best used on a single person sleeping bed. These are not suitable for double bedded arrangement. The selection of the right choice will give a pleasant day. At the same time, these mosquito nets are selected depending upon multiple factors. It is not impossible to search one best amongst the top-rated mosquito nets.

The major three factors that should be considered are size, shape, material. While the secondary preference can be headed on color, style, additional features.

1. Size

Choice of size is very essential as improper selection can lead to shortness of leftover spaces through which the mosquitoes can enter inside. If it is too big than required then it can lead to overextension on the floor and fixation becomes a challenging task. 

2. Shape

The shape of the net needs to be convergent so the mosquito entering space is narrowed then, there is complete protection from a mosquito bite is assured. If the wider area is included unnecessarily without serving the purpose the purchase of the net is useless.

3. Material

The material selected must be air-flow ease, highly secure against mosquito invasion. Fabric must be durable with no damage. 

Top 3 Mosquito Nets for Single Bed

Let’s see top 3 best Mosquito Nets for Single bed with Pros and Cons.

# Net 1 - Classic Mosquito Net for Single Bed

An attractive, most adorable bed net preferred by many youngsters. A bed attached net is mostly amongst the choices. The best features are combined to give the clients complete satisfaction on their purchase. Most positively reviewed products. 

Royal Foldable Mosquito Net Single Bed


• The light color that gives a night of pleasant sleep. Most commonly selected.

• Material is PVC coated which is not available in others as well stands as the leading important point.

• The thickness of the net is above 50 deniers as the entrance of the mosquito becomes tougher.

• The mesh size is smaller with small holes preventing the invasion of mosquitos and facilitates good ventilation.

• The repair if there is a tear in the net is also easier as it is thicker.

• The height of the net is 6.2 to 6.8 feet and the breadth up till which it can be stretched is 3.9 feet wide.

• Easy to open and set up.

• Can be folded into a smaller size bag in very minimal time.

• It is easy to carry and requires very minimal space for storing.

• The strong on the borders are corrosion resistant.

• Pop-up within 30 seconds automatically.  


 • They are Washable regularly.

 • Easily installed and automatic.


 • Sometimes the size differences in bed can give rise to problems in the fitting.

 • The folding is a bit tough due to the new product purchase. 

# Net 2 - Royal Foldable Single Bed Mosquito Net

Looks smart and provides excellent comfort for the users and the best suitable for any single bed. Never to be given a second thought on. No chaos. At most convenience.  

Royal Foldable Mosquito Net Single Bed


• An assurance of uninterrupted sleep and highly comfortable.

• Prevents from mosquito bites without the use of any sprays.

Large zipper gates for entry and exit.

• The mosquito net is made of polyester and steel joints with the best durability.

• Fits all types of single beds easily.

• Perfect dimension to fit in your bed.

• Easy to wash and carry.

• Foldable at a short time without hassle.

• Self-supported designs are very much useful as the users find it convenient.

• Can be installed at any place by anyone.

• Made of polyester and an outer steel frame which is corrosion resistant. 


 • Sufficient airflow is assured with its larger holes. 

 • Can be used on the floor and the bed.


 • The base is uncovered which is inconvenient for use during travel.

 • The folding’s are at times time taking and challenging.

# Net 3 - VERDIOZ Mosquito Net for Single Bed

Unique design with the best comfort for the single bed. The advantage of cotton material is suitable for all four seasons. It’s not a decision to pick the best but a suggestion to choose the proper mosquito net.  

VERDIOZ Mosquito Net for single bed


• Extra protection by an additional cloth attachment on all four sides of the net.

• Elegance enhancing frill design on the borders.
Guaranteed isolation is ensured with double zip.

• There is no chance of tearing at the joints.

• Accompanied by an extra bag to place when the mosquito net is unused.

• Read or watch by sitting within the net.

• 9 inches extra cotton cloth.

• Lightweight to carry and the quality of the cloth is extraordinary.

• Gentle Hand washes and soaking for 30 minutes.

• Portable for travel and outing people.

• Corrosion resistant.

• Extra saviors are provided to prevent the future hole.


 • The Best pop-up time with better ventilation.
Good isolation with better visibility.

 • An additional savior is available to balance the mishandled tear or holes.

 • Two ways zip are available.

 • The extra cloth was available on all four sides. 


 • Possibility of getting holes due to hard use.

 • More commonly noticing deformation of shape due to improper folding.

 • No additional cloth in the base.

Best 3 Mosquito Nets for Double Bed

Let’s see top 3 best Mosquito Nets for Double bed with Pros and Cons.

# Net 4 - Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed

A classic model of self-supporting mosquito net which requires no additional strings or hooks to hold in position on your king-size double bed. This model stands on the Top among the double bed mosquito net. No hassles were noticed on regular use. Easy set-up.

Classic Mosquito Net for Double Bed


• Corrosion-resistant product on washing.

• Optimal air circulation while sleeping inside which gives cent percent good sleep.

• The Best prevention from insects and mosquitos as it avoids chemical exposure such as sprays or repellents.

• Fits perfectly on a double bed. Pop-up instantly within 30 seconds automatically.

• Easy to fold with no toughness encountered by anyone.

• Portable to any place without difficulty.

• Additional patches are given preventing accidental future holes.

• No nail to wall is required as other products might show wear and tear due to fixation impossibilities.

• The Best isolation provided for a family.

• Good sleep is assured and is an amazing product at an affordable cost.

• Easy entry and exit are given.


 • The Best product among others.

 • Extra patches provided for future accidental hole

 • Washable mosquito net.


 • Does not fit a queen-size bed at times.

 • At times the quality of the product is not checked properly.

# Net 5 - Healthgenie Mosquito Double Bed Net

It is a travel-friendly mosquito net for a small family of two. Affordable cost with proper isolation and air circulation. More the usage reduces the exposure to chemicals. Lesser chemicals assure good health. 

Healthgenie Mosquito Net for Double Bed


• The unique feature of opaque mesh is extremely dense.

• Special stitching for Proper air circulation facing no suffocation encountered.

• The zip from both sides gives easy access from inside and outside the net.

• The dim light embroidery gives shining.

• Additional repair kit available when holes are encountered.

• Also Designed to fit both king and queen size beds.

• Insect or mosquito-free environment.

• No chemical repellents were used.

• Comprises two gates for entry and exit on both sides.

• A maximum space to sleep and sit are provided.

• It can be carried easily on trekking, terrace, balcony.

• Best suited for traveling purposes.


 • Multiple folding methods were available with a manual.
Best for indoor and outdoor usages.

 • Most liked due to the double-sided zip facility for easy exit and entry.

 • Wide space to sit and sleep.

 • Most satisfying and best reviews achieved product.


 • The material might be delicate to handle initially

 • Washing might be challenging.

 • Rarely, the transit might cause damage to the mosquito net product.

# Net 6 - VERDIOZ Mosquito Net for Double Bed

Superior quality with an extra extension on four sides. Affordable pricing with the best prevention from mosquito and best finishing on the ends preventing the entry of mosquitos through holes. Most liked by travelers and baby holders.

VERDIOZ WITH DEVICE Foldable Poly Cotton Double Bed


• Very much portable to both outdoors and are excellent for use in the house.

• An additional oven bag was provided to cover over the holes preventing the mosquitos.

• Double layered zip assures durability for the product.

• Saviors are available to block the accidental holes.

• Instant pop-up within a maximum of 30 seconds.

• Frill design gives the best output on dim light showing shining to differentiate the end.

• Best gripping due to elastics on all four sides.

• No harmful chemical is to be used for children or elders. Keeps away from unnecessary exposure.

• Lightweight and easily washable on both hands and machines.

• Prolonged material duration with polyester. Outer coating on the corners with steel that does not get corrosion.


 • Best double protected mosquito net.

 • Fits both king and queen size beds

 • Most liked product

 • Visibility and durability is higher among all others.

 • Better movement space.

 • Easy to install in seconds.


 • Net might tear easily due to improper handling. 

3 Top King Size Mosquito Nets

Let’s see top 3 best Mosquito Nets for King Size bed with Pros and Cons.

# Net 7 - Healthy Sleeping Foldable Mosquito Net for King Size Bed

The best king-size mosquito net which prevents us from seasonal diseases. Acts as a protector from chemical exposure unnecessarily. Best sleep every night is followed by a bright day. Never convince yourself of sleep and quality. Best accepted by customers with no floss. More liked by parents and college students as the protection is high from insects and mosquitoes.

Healthy Sleeping Mosquito net for King Size Bed


• Maximum ventilation within the mosquito net is guaranteed.

• Easy to place on the bed, floor, outdoors.

• Easily foldable and handling is not difficult for anyone.

• The material used is polyester.

• Beautifully printed flowers
Convenient to open and close zip from both ways.

• The ease of moving in and out is higher as the gates are available on both sides.

• Higher the comfort, the better the sleep. More sleep the better the next day is.

• The product is worth the money.

• The product has achieved the best review.

• The thickness is higher and better sheerness is noticed from the reviews.

• More reliable than other products.


 • Material thickness is more but better air circulation as the holes are medium-sized.

 • Easy to carry and use.

 • Installation is simple.


 • The grip in the bed depends on the bed size.

 • Washing and folding of the net might be challenging at times.

# Net 8 - Story@Home Foldable King Size Mosquito Net for Bed

The instant pop-up is excellent and easy for anyone to use. Larger space for a family to sit and sleep. Best mosquito net protecting children and adults. The better the net is the better the sleep is. 

Story@Home Mosquito Net Foldable King Size


• No nail is required to attach to the wall.

• Washing is easy. 

• CORROSION RESISTANT, highly protective.

• The polyester material is used to manufacture the net.

• The size of the holes is small and is tough for the insects to trespass.

• A storage bag is included in the kit.

• In seconds it can be folded as well as the opening is very simple as it pop-up instantly.

• The steel wires used in attaching corners are flexible and corrosion-resistant.

• The two exit points are in U shape and are at convenient points without disturbing others.

• Safe and hygienic material is used.

• Elastic belts are used for better fitting. A most promising type of mosquito net for prevention from insects and flies.

• Dual double-sided zip at the gates is very comfortable. 


 • Reliable product for safe and healthy sleep.

 • On-time delivery.
Apt for any location.

 • More positive reviews from reliable customers.


 • Damage in the net accidentally by holes can be noticed.

 • Not all the delivered products are in proper condition. 

# Net 9 -BACKBONE Flexible Mosquito Net for King Size Bed

Stylish, uniquely designed hassle-free mosquito net for king-size beds. Most are required during travel and on proper sleeping time. High prevention from viruses and bacteria. Most used by families and old age people for a safe and healthy lifestyle.

BACKBONE Foldable Mosquito Net Flexible for King Size Bed


• Less space occupied for storage. Can be carried in carrying bags during trekking or camping. Most suitable for night stays.

• Strong but flexible frame but fixes in one position.

• Proper elastic strip adaptation.

• Convenient strips are constructed with spring steel technology.

• Easy to fold and if it is for daily use one-time fixing is better than fold/fix.

• Installing is as simple as in the instruction manual.

• Not to worry about tears as there are additional star clips available to cover the holes that had accidentally occurred.

• A lovely look, attractive, and gives peaceful sleep.
Wash proof on both hands and machines.

• Self-supporting and provides a breathable environment.

• Can be carried by small children as it is light weighted.


 • Weight is less and is portable at an affordable price.

 • Serves the purpose of purchase.

 • Commonly used to keep in one position to reduce the tears.
Easy handling of installation and packing.


 • Minimal tear on maximal folds.

 • One time fixing is appreciated

Out door foldable travel Mosquito Net with Base

# Net 10 - AmazingHind Foldable Mosquito Net

Excellent oval-shaped net that looks very attractive, safe, more spacious for a single bed. Perfect fitting without any disturbance in breathing. The Best mosquito net with folding facility for outdoor usage. The net is thick and prevents insects and mosquitoes.

AmazingHind Foldable travel Mosquito Net


• A cloth base o+is provided to prevent the entry of mosquitos from the gaps.

• There is no need to nail it to the ground or wall.

• Single-sided large zip gates.

• Convenient for entry and rapid exit.

• Traveler-friendly lightweight mosquito nets.

• Daily foldable and installable kit.

• Not much of a tear is noticed. Warranty for 3 months after purchase is afforded by the manufacturer company.

• No disturbance for airflow is encountered.

• The quality of the material is an extra premium and is washable.

• The zip quality is excellent and durable.

• Can accommodate 1 adult and 1 kid.

• Even the crawling insects cannot enter into the net. Best protection on all sides.


 • All types of insects are protected. This includes crawling insects too.

 • Easy to handle.

 • Maintenance and security are higher. 


 • Folding is a little tough in the initial days then it is easier.

 • Height issues to fit in the net is more for 6 feet tall individuals. As it can hold up to 5.5 feet individuals.

2 Top Canopy Mosquito nets

# Net 11 - EVEN Naturals Canopy Mosquito Net

Best for a couple who wants to feel cozy. Beautiful, elegant looking extra tall mosquito net for king-size beds. Is it not romantic? You can also hang a light in the middle which will give you and your pal an intimate feeling. More supportive in defending yourself from defective deadly diseases.

Even Natural The Mosquito Net for Double Bed Canopy


Extremely small holes separating you from insects.

• It is extendable to the ground from the top.

• Quick and easy installation.

• A hanging loop is provided to hand a lamp in the center.

• Extra comfortable, travel-friendly.

• Can be carried due to lightweight.

• The Best quality product provides extreme protection against small to large insects.

• Can cover the XL base bed.
Safe and keeps away chemicals such as mosquito repellent or sprays.

• Lovely looks can be installed in any place.

• Very useful for preventing mosquitoes and other insects at an affordable price.

• It attractive and is easy to exit and enter all directions.


 • Attractive look and pleasant sleep.
The easiest way to prevent yourself and your family.

 • The Best suitable for prevention during longer stays in multiple countries or places. 


 • Might be thought to install for the first time. 

# Net 12 - Kiddale Canopy Falling Mosquito Net

The Best suitable for families who have kids or babies. Keep your family safe with the help of the best canopy mosquito nets. Most suitable places are king or queen size double bed, cribs, hammock, etc. Buy or never go for the second product! 

Kiddale Canopy Mosquito Net for Bed


A chemical-free atmosphere is promised. No compromise on air circulation to your family.

• Attractive color in polyester material for your prevention.

• Suitable for all types of beds including kids cribs, hammock.

• Easier to install the mosquito net by following the manual.

• Comfortable sleep with trust-worthy products.

• Very tiny holes with decorative frills.

• Can be hung with the hook onto the ceiling.

• The standard size and needs to be adjusted according to the bed.

• Most favorable for best protection against life-threatening diseases.

• Accepted by all the customers with a happy smile giving the best review. 


 • The best sleep is assured for the users.

 • Unique size suitable for all beds.

 • Easy handling and washable to prevent germ invasion.

 • Customer-friendly.

 • Attractive color.


 • There might be differences in size.

Best cotton mosquito net to buy Online

# Net 13 - Divayanshi Polycotton Mosquito Net for Bed

Incomparable design with the best outcome of high protection. The better the choice the better the night sleep is. The higher the surface area covered the greater the protection is.

Divayanshi cotton Mosquito net for Bed


The mosquito net prevents the customer from mosquito bite allergies.

• No requirement for repellents or other chemicals.

• Pleasant sleep Is assured in a short interval of time.

• The Best quality product delivered to trusted clients.

• The weight of the mosquito net is lighter and easily portable.

• Most attractive colors and gives a longer sleep time than earlier.

• Easy to use following simple installation procedures.

• Easy to fold before moving and must be handled with care.

• The Best suitable for regular use.

• Quick-drying capacity following washing.

• Long-Lasting durability of the net material.

• Smaller holes are made on the thickest material. 


 • Most suitable for family as it is easily portable and light-weighted.

 • Best washing through hot water soaking and rinsing.

 • Reliable customer-friendly product.


 • Net might get holes in a short time due to mishandling.

 • Better quality is expected by the customer.

 • Size is not apt for the mentioned width and breadth measurements.

Different types of Mosquito nets?

There numerous comfortable mosquito nets available. Primarily, they are based on the type of bed and size requirement:

•  Single bed

• Double bed

• King size bed

• Travel nets

• Canopy mosquito nets

How to put Mosquito Nets on Bed?

The method of placing a mosquito net is very simple. Just unfold the mosquito net from the cover and it will automatically pop up. A more spacious space is required for the popping of the net.

But at the same time once it pops up then position it on the top of your bed. Now, you can place the elastic in a perfect place and prevent it from moving when you enter and exit.

While in a few net types, there is extra tight elastic which fixes the net to the bed in one position. Assure that the net is kept until the corners without any gap. 

In hanging type, the hooks are fixed to the ceiling by drilling holes and that hook can be used to fix the net in the desired style that you would like to shape in the net on to the bed.

How to Fold Mosquito Net?

The folding is the next step which is a little tricky as the force that is used might accidentally cause damage to the net.

Now open up all the zip and then press on the top of the net with the left hand and lift it.

Now, fold the two parts directly and overlap it on one another.Then press in the middle and squeeze from both sides towards one another.

Grab the outer edge and now pull the top edge where the pinching, in the beginning, was carried forward. Now, pack it back to the bag.

How to Choose a Good Mosquito Net?

Selecting the proper mosquito net is a big challenge, as the factors to be noticed are shape, size, color, material, ease of designing.

1. SIZE:

The choice of correct bed size is the best part. The size of the bed in breadth and width must coincide with the size of the net. If the size is short then it can lead to shortness exposing gaps which might be the cause of the insects and mosquito entrance through the gaps. If the net is big, then it can lead to unpleasant sleep, and tucking in is a problem. This is very annoying.


The shapes of mosquito nets are numerous. The few among the shapes are free-standing, bell, wedge, box, and of all these the box type requires more space to install, This requires four corners to fix a property in one position. The wedge shape is simple to install with one or two points but the airflow within the net is compromised.

Bell form requires a very strong hanging point and space-consuming with more drills on the ceiling along with more voluminous space consumption.

Thus, the decision on the shape must be made based on the installation location.


The efficiency of the net is based on the space between each hole. As the size of the knitting is smaller, the insect enters.


The design is pop nets are more simple than hanging nets as they just have to pop-up and place it in the correct point over the bed. While the hanging nets require few specified hanging points and screws which are tough to attach and install properly.


The usage determines the durability of the net. If the thickness of the material is small then the duration of the net does not last long. But, if it is more than the regular manufacturing size then the longevity of life of the net is prolonged.


The choice of color depends on person to person but the lighter color gives a more pretty look than a darker one. The blue and pink are the most common colors among boys and girls. The elegant white color exists in bell type hanging nets and gives the entire room an additional beauty.


The materials in general used are polyester or cotton. Polyesters are travel-friendly and light-weight while cotton is a little heavier but spacious that can be used for traveling as well.

Advantages of using Mosquito Nets?

• The multiple advantages of using a mosquito net are protection from deadly diseases, complete safety, prevention from mosquitoes, better sleep, pleasant life.

• In general, the mosquito net is used for protection against mosquito and other insect bites. Because, the bite can enroute the human being to open the door of malaria, dengue, etc.

• According to a few studies it is proved that the use of insect protection nets has reduced the use of repellents or other chemicals among the living population in the entire world.

• Thus, these nets provide a longer duration of pleasant sleep giving a pleasant mind status to work throughout the next day peacefully reducing the stress level.

• The pressure from the work becomes manageable due to the use of mosquito nets and longer, continuous sleep hours.

• Thus, it is mandatory to install proper, safe protection from mosquito and other insects in both the mental and physical status of the body.

Tips to maintain our Mosquito Net for long time?

• To extend the duration of mosquito net life, it is very much important to not use it hard or harsh. Gentle touch gives a longer duration of life.

• As well as frequent uninstalling can lead to tearing of the net. The thickness of the net needs to be kept in mind before installing it.

• The holes in the mosquito net decide the usage time. Careful usage of zipping prevents the mosquito net from getting damaged.

• The elastics in the edge of the net helps to hold the net in position. A better brand gives the best life. Most mosquito nets are not durable. 


These are the top 13 mosquito nets in India for single, double, & kind size beds. It is better to choose a proper, nominal mosquito net that serves you the purpose of the best sleep. The better the sleep the more the brighter the next day is….. A clever mind thinks better. Save yourself and your family from infectious diseases. Prevention is always better than cure.

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