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Before seeing different freelancers profiles, their name, contact details, work place, cost and ratings!  You need to know more about Freelancing and Freelancers. 


What's Inside

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a term used to denote the self employed professionals who work for themselves.

These self employed professionals are called freelancers, Freelancers used to provide services to the client or company within the time period for the certain amount of money.

In freelancing the freelancers can change or find new clients on their own. The special feature in freelancing is the freelancers can work for more than one client or company at a time.

So, that they can make more money than ordinary employees who are entitled to only one company or a client.


Freelancers in Chennai
Freelancers in Chennai

Who is Freelancers in Chennai?

Freelancers are self employed persons who are doing particular pieces of work for different organization, rather than working all the time for a single organization.

Chennai is one of the largest metropolitan city of India with more than 10 million population. Thousands of people here in Chennai are offering freelancing works.

Usually freelancers in Chennai used to have an account in at least two websites which will help the client or companies to hire a freelancer.

Freelancers in Chennai would mentioned all the details about them in that particular website account which a client or company might want to know about the person whom they wish to hire as a freelancer of their work.


Top Freelancers in Chennai

The Top 10 profiles of freelancers who are offering freelancing work in Chennai. 

Padmapriya Microsoft excel


Microsoft Excel Developer

Have 5 years of experience as Senior Associate at MNC. She is well knowledgeable of Macros VBA and Love to work on MS Excel Formulas. And Also well talented on Data entry and Fast Typing.
She Mostly work on Upwork and provide teaching classes of Microsoft Excel.

Price: 700 Inr/Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Navya Banu data entry workhire


Data Entry, Fast tying

Top data entry freelancer from Chennai, She has 2 years of experience in data entry. She get paid 150 Rs/ hour. Navyananu has enrolled herself in Workhire website. in which she is one the top rated freelancer with 52 reviews. All the reviews are positive in nature.

Price: 150 Inr/Hr

Contact him Bellow,

sachin fiverr wordpress


WordPress Developer

The WordPress Speed Optimizer based in Chennai. He enrolled himself in “Fiverr”. His starting price is 372 rupees per hour.
Sachin is holding the level 2 position of seller with more than 990 reviews from his clients. He got 5 star ratting from the clients he has worked with.

Price: 745 Inr/ basic Optimization

Contact him Bellow,

Pooja Kushwaha UX designer

Pooja kushwaha

UX/UI Designer

She offers logo designing, graphic designing, UI/UX designing services to the clients. She get almost 15 dollars per hour which is equal to 1050 RS. She enrolled herself in Truelancer website in which she has given all the details about her. the most important feature is she got 4.8 star ratings from the clients she had worked for so far.

Price: 745 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

vinith wordpress freelancer


WordPress Freelancer

WordPress Developer, runs Caillio and lives in Chennai, He’ve been developing WordPress for several awesome clients ranging from Corporates, SMB’s & Individuals since 2010.

Cell: 9884444064
Contact him bellow,


SEO Expert

Power Systems Engineer by qualification and SEO Freelancer in Chennai by Profession, have 5 plus years of experience in Digital Marketing and worked as SEO analyst in Few Digital Marketing Agency.
He is one of the most dedicated SEO EXPERT in Chennai and offers you a five star high quality SEO service with affordable price.

Price: 150 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Deepika Praveen content writer truelancer

Deepika Praveen

Content Writer, Blogger, Article Writer, Reviews writer

She is an Aspiring article writer with master degree in Electronics & Embedded Systems. She is an full time Freelancer and mostly prefer her home to work.
Anglo-Indian board schooler made her an established content writer, she had presented several papers in top conferences.

Price: 120 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Vetri Chelvan Indrajith

Vetri Chelvan Indrajith

Web Design & Programming

Vettri – the problem solver have a 6 years of IT Experience in several industries and domains such as Shipping, Banking and E-Commerce. He had made several successful web projects for his own and for several startup Businesses. He always tend to work on Latest technologies.

Price: 600 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Usha Rani

Usha Rani

Search Engine Optimization

Usha Rani Have 12 years of Experience in SEO, she worked with several clients in various niche and she have good history of website rankings. She running her own search engine optimization service company AZOR SEO.

Vignesh K CAD Designer


CAD designer as well technical Writer

Young Two in one Mechanical Freelancer interested in CAD designing and technical article writing. Have 4 years of professional experience in CAD designing with few well know Automobile industries.
Contact Him for any of Design modeling and writing Jobs.

Price: 300 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Amir Khan People per hour Photo shop


Photo Shop, Designing

He has 5 years experience in photo shop. Amir offers photo shop and editing, image output and background works, he has his profile in People per hour.
Amir is one of the finest workers with 5 star rating. 99 clients have given him reviews in that website.

Price: 700 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,

Thangarasu dhanapal Logo designer

Thangarasu Dhanapal

Logo Designer, Banner Designer

His workflow is to start by laying out a good foundation and aligning our vision/goal for the project.
He is offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with his work.

Price: 700 Inr/ Hr

Contact him Bellow,



Search Engine Optimization

The postgraduate engineer with a major in Communication Systems, A Professional Blogger and SEO Freelancer Chennai who who revolves around the latest in the strategies for ranking better on the google results.


The List are not just ends at 10, before seeing more Chennai Freelancers profiles,

Let me answer for few basic questions that arrive in your mind about Freelancers.



  1. Are Freelancers employees of a Company or Self Employees?
  2. How Freelancers Work?
  3. Where Do Freelancers Find Work?
  4. How Much Freelancers Get Paid?
  5. How Do Freelancers Get Paid?
  6. When And Why Freelancers Don’t Get Paid?
  7. Why Do People Hire Freelancers?
  8. How to Find Freelancers In Chennai? 
  9. How Many Freelancers Are Working In Chennai?
  10. What are the Responsibilities of Freelancers? 
  11. Do Freelancers In Chennai Are Happier?
  12. Where Are Freelancers Living In Chennai?
  13. Can Freelancing Be A Career?
  14. Why Does Freelancers own a Blog?
  15. How Much Tax Do The Freelancers Paying To The Government?

You can also find different kind of Freelancers profiles in Chennai after reading answers for above queries,


Are Freelancers employees of a Company or Self Employees?

Either its Road or Stadium! Just Like a “Dhoni’s Godaddy Ad” They are sole owners…..  

Are Freelancers are Employee or not

As we explained before freelancers are self employed persons. They used to work for the clients project in their flexible time.

The client can easily find self employed persons through website or social Medias. Some companies are used to provide only freelancing works.

They just hire people and use them for freelancing works but most of them are actually not freelancers. These companies will accept any kind of work for freelancing.

Like content writing, graphic designing, video editing and everything. Because these companies used to have at least one person in every field to do freelancing work.

There are some companies out there which help to get best freelancers for the work.

They used to give the contact details of the freelancers to the client, these companies works more like a consultancy.


How Freelancers Work?

How Freelancer work? Laptop, Gaming, Website, ranking, search console, Backlinks. This is how i actually work!

But where they start? 


* If a person wants to do a freelancing work the first most things he or she would do is to have an account in any website which will give them a platform to get a freelancing job.

* After having an account the freelancer will be updating their profile in that account including their contact details and the years of experience they have in that particular domain.

* When a client starts to look for a freelancer in internet the freelancers profiles will be shown in the search engine result page. If the client is OK with the profile of the freelancer he can contact them through the contact details which freelancers have given in their profile.

How freelancers work* After receiving a message or call from the client the freelancers will start to do the work. The freelancer has to explain his expectation about the work to the freelancers.The client also has to clearly indicate the freelancer about the deadline to avoid the delay in work.

* The client must have to give the sources or examples of the work which inspires him the most or at least give a perfect outline of the work, so the freelancer can do the unique work.

* After receiving details about the work the freelancers will start their work from home or anywhere else as they don’t own separate office. Usually most of the freelancers set up their own office where they live.

* Freelancers work on their convenient time and deliver their project to the client on or before deadline. 

Where Do Freelancers Find Work?

Where do they find work? In Naukri? Monster? No, its not a job and they are not an employee!

There are many sources available to hire a freelancer. Like,

  1. Freelancing websites
  2. Freelancer website
  3. Freelancing consultancies
  4. Social Medias

What exactly and Freelancing website and Freelancer website? What difference?
Let’s see bellow,

How freelancers find work

1. Freelancing websites

* Freelancing websites are for clients. In freelancing websites the clients from the particular city, country or all over the world will post their requirements.

Websites like,


* The client will be posting the jobs nature, pay for that particular job, how much time or days they would need a freelancer to work and their contact details.

* Freelancing websites would allow freelancers to see the job availability and client details.

* If a freelancer wants to work with a project they can contact the client through the contact details they have given in that particular freelancing website.


2. Freelancer website

* Freelancer websites used to introduce them to the client.

* Usually freelancers own a separate website which shows their service, profile, work done before, testimonials and more to the client.

* In that website the freelancers will mention what kind of freelancing work they do and the experience they have in that domain. They also mention their contact details.

* The freelancer websites also has testimonials page which show the previous work done by them and what the previous clients mentioned about their work.

* The testimonial will have star ratings of their work, so when new client visit this page they would know about their work history and client satisfactions.


3. Freelancing consultancies

* Unlike freelancer and freelancing websites freelance consultancies are working for both clients and freelancers.

* The clients and freelancers can register with freelance consultancies.

* They will let the freelancer know when a project requirements matches with their profile.

* Likewise freelance consultancies will also suggest some freelancers to the clients, if the profile and job requirements match.

* To get service from the freelance consultancies the freelancers and clients has to give some amount of money every time they get a react done.


4. Social Medias

* Nowadays Social Medias are laying the major role in getting freelance works.

* There are lots of groups and pages in social Medias to get freelance works.

* The freelancers and the clients used to become the members of these groups and then posting their requirements.

* Freelancers and clients can approach one another through comment or inbox.

* Lots of people are becoming member of these groups because it is very cheap and independent.

How Much Freelancers Get Paid?

How Much our Thalapathy and Thala get paid per movie? we don’t know, even they don’t say, God only Knows! Likewise,

The salary of freelancers are depends upon the experience of the freelancer and the nature of the project. There is no standard salary amount for freelancers. The more freelancers work the more they earn.

There are several types of payment method followed by different freelancers.


How much freelancers get paid

1. Money per hour

In this payment method the freelancer will tell the client about the how much amount of money they will charge to work with a project for an hour. If the freelancers work for 10 hours whether continuously or not, the client has to calculate the money per hour to pay the freelancer.


2. Money per project

In this method the freelancer will accept bulk amount of work, but they will ask the client to pay money for project basis. Under this method client will not care about how much time the freelancers had to spend on the work. Client will give the money based on number if projects.


3. Money per word

* This is only for writing works. Like content writing, article writing and copy writing. In which method the freelancers will get paid for each and every word he wrote. Like 0.70 paisa or 1rs per word.

* In all these method the money will be vary from freelancer to freelancer.Some freelancers will charge more and some will charge less. Experienced and talented freelancers will get paid more than anyone.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much money can one freelancer make.


How Do Freelancers Get Paid?

How? Santa Claus Pay them in Gift Box? No! May be Possible in December, Not every month….

After finishing the project or work freelancers will get paid either any one of these following method,

How Do Freelancers get paid


1. Google Pay, PhonePae, Paytm

Google pay or G PAY is common nowadays. The client will be sending the money to the freelancer through Google pay.


2. Online Transaction

In which method the freelancer will be asked his or her bank details. The client will transfer the money from his bank account to the freelancers account.


3. Freelance Consultancies

People who find their clients or freelancers through freelance consultancies will be get paid by them. The client will send the amount to the freelance consultancy and they will get their share for got you a ob and then the balance amount to the freelancers bank account.

Some freelancers used to work for global clients so they will be paid through the freelancing websites through which they found their clients.

The freelance websites will transfer the foreign currencies to your website profile. They can transfer their money from your profile to your bank account through PayPal, wire, check.


4. Freelancing Websites

Some freelancers used to work for global clients so they will be paid through the freelancing websites through which they found their clients.

The freelance websites will transfer the foreign currencies to your website profile. They can transfer their money from your profile to your bank account through PayPal, wire, check.


When And Why Freelancers Don’t Get Paid?

Get paid in month end? Damn Not, They are not salaried like you..

When freelancer not get paidUnfortunately sometimes the freelancers don’t get paid for their work. There are two prominent reasons why freelancers sometimes not getting paid.

The first one is fake client and the second one is poor performance of freelancer.  

Why Do People Hire Freelancers?

Why our Chennai people mostly choose Freelancers instead of Companies?

Because to save Money, Physical Space, and get done Faster & Better! lets see how? 


1. To save money

The client or company used to hire freelancers in order to reduce their expenses on employee’s salary.

If the client recruited a person who actually would work for 8 hours a day, the client must need to pay him a decent amount of money even if the client doesn’t have any project to give him.

But when it comes to freelancer the client can recruit a freelancer for a short period of time or until he got his work project done. So the client can save more money through hiring a freelancer.

Why people hire freelancers

2. To save space

As we said earlier the freelancers will be working from wherever they are, so the client needs not to give them a space to work. Moreover the freelancer will never expect that their client must have an office space.


3. To get job done faster

The punctuality and meeting the deadline is one of the most important quality a freelancer can ever have. So whenever client approach freelancers they would absolutely try harder to meet the deadline.

So it will get the job done faster than the ordinary companies.


4. To get the job done better

The freelancers are also more curious about providing unique and distinct work to each and every client. This will help them to get more clients in future.

So the freelancers will try everything under the sun to make their work to show their creativeness to the client. So the client used to hire freelancers whenever they need creative and better work.


5. To reduce the risk

Freelancers are not actually employees of a company so they can’t claim employee right to their clients. Client need not to give freelancer the unemployment insurance.

The freelancers rarely have the compensation benefits.


How to Find Freelancers In Chennai? 

Hire a Detective! May be our Durai Singam will help. 

Just kidding! In this sophisticated world finding a freelancer in a mega city like Chennai is not a big deal. The internet is always there for us to get whatever we need under the earth and above the sun and of course in between them.

How to Find FreelancersFreelancers in Chennai can be finding through internet by using relatable keywords like “Freelancers in Chennai”, “Chennai freelancers” or specifying service name like “SEO Freelancer in Chennai”.

  • The search engines result page will show the list of individual freelancers as well as some websites.
  • These freelancing websites will have the number of freelancers in Chennai and their details.
  • The client or company can contact a freelancer through his website profile.
  • There are some social media group which unites all the freelancers in the Chennai from different fields lie copy writing to graphic designing and video editing.
  • These social media groups are also the biggest sources to find the freelancers in Chennai.

How Many Freelancers Are Working In Chennai?

How many? Billion? Million? Definitely  not, they are around 1000 to 10000…

Chennai is one of the 7 biggest metropolitan cities in India with more than 10 million populations. There are thousands of freelancers working here in Chennai.

How many freelancers in chennaiNew freelancers are emerging day by day, it’s hard to mention the exact number. There are might be some new freelancers started to find work while we are reading about the number of freelancers in Chennai.

New people who are working for a company and house wife and school and college students are started to do freelancing in their free times.

As there is many field in freelancing everybody chooses their own way to get their work and trying to shine in what they have chosen.


What are the Responsibilities of Freelancers?

Responsibilities of Freelancer, read bellow,

* The freelancers should submit their work before deadline.

* Freelancer must fulfill all the requirements of client.

* The work must be unique and distinct.

* Work should not be copied from any other sources.

* Freelancers must be true and loyal to their client.

* They should not cheat on their client or company.

* Freelancers should maintain the hours they worked and income they received from the client.

* They should keep all the working equipment in excellent working condition. 

Do Freelancers In Chennai Are Happier?

Yes Of course, May be no! But they should….

Even though the number of freelancers in Chennai raising day by day, but there is no joblessness in this city. Everybody is committing to the new projects happily, somebody is struggling to get their first project as everyone did in their earlier days. The freelancers with more talent and knowledge are overwhelmed by the projects they are receiving.

Are Freelancers are happierThe clients in Chennai are paying well to the freelancers in Chennai. Even the fresher gets the better pay for their first project. Freelancers who are expert at something and have more experience are making lots of money happily through freelancing.

On the other hand, some freelancers are being deceived by some fake clients in Chennai. Absolutely they wouldn’t be happy with what they had gone through. But freelancers can easily identify and avoid fake clients by demanding them to pay some money in advance.


Where Are Freelancers Living In Chennai?

Freelancers live in Space, Just like Alien…… LOL!!!!! Just kidding…. They are humans just like you, like me, like us..

Chennai is the one of the greatest city in the world. Freelancers in Chennai are living in different areas; there is no specific place to mention where the freelancers would be living. Freelancers are living all across the city, but I’m sure that every freelancers are living together virtually in the internet to get project and works.

Where Freelancers living

Freelancers used to live in different parts of cities but they formed a network to connect with one another. There are some freelancers committees in Chennai which gathers all the freelancers under the one roof and used to plan for weekly or monthly meet. Though these committees are not officially registered one freelancer used to enroll themselves into it just to be with like minded people.


Can Freelancing Be A Career?

It takes a lot of courage to decide if one should choose online freelancing as a full time career or work as side for passive income.

 Is freelancing a career

Freelancing has its pros and cons too,

  • Freelancing has no boss, no rules, no fixed timings for word, you can work from anywhere.
  • Freelancing is not a hard career but it requires much more knowledge and skill than one already have to reach the target. 


Why Does Freelancers own a Blog?

Yes! Why does Freelancers owns a blog? Is that necessary? Lets see why?

* It’s always very important to let the people know about the knowledge they have in work.

why freelancers own a blog* Blogs will help them to let the people who wish to hire them to know about who they are and what they can do for others.

* Especially for freelance writers, articulating about them will inspire people to work. 

* If the clients want to know about their previous work they need not to talk them, simply sharing the blogs they wrote for others and make clients understand about the quality of work.

How Much Tax Do The Freelancers Paying To The Government?

Tax? Is Freelancer pay taxes? Yes! everyone should..

* The freelancers whose income is not more than 2.5 Lakh rupees will not be asked to pay tax.

* The freelancer who makes income between 2.5-5 Lakhs has to pay 10%.

* Those who made 5 – 10 Lakhs rupees has to pay 30% tax.

* When the total tax liability reaches more than 10,000 rs the freelancers has to pay advance tax. Advance taxation is paying a tax in frequent intervals. 


WordPress Freelancers in Chennai

Here is the list of 5 best and affordable WordPress Freelancers in Chennai, Contact them for your work.

Vijayakumar selvaraj wordpress freelancer

Vijayakumar Selvaraj

Freelance WordPress Developer

Contact him bellow,

Suresh sekar wordpress freelancer

Suresh Sekar

Freelance WordPress Developer

Cell: 9840322505

Contact him bellow,

Bharathan WordPress developer


Freelance WordPress Developer

Cell: 9840322505

Contact him bellow,

How to became Successful Freelancer?

Yes, I Know! you are not looking for it.  

But, If you have an plant to be an freelancer and want to be an successful one, you must follow the number of things listed below,

* Freelancing gives you full freedom. You will not have a boss and you will not ask to work for some hours so you need to be very self disciplined. You need to understand that the more time you spend on your work will give you more money. Otherwise you will be distracted easily.

* The most important factor of freelancing is to finish the project before the deadline. The time managing and self discipline skill will help you to make it possible.

How to be a successful freelancer* You will have more chance to depress when you work alone and with your chosen career. It is important for you to be self motivated. Making your freelancing desk surrounded by good stuffs or stuffs you like will help you to be motivated always.

* There is only one thing which can bring you success in your career and take you to the next level. Planning and setting goals are very important factors to drive you to the next level of success.

* Having good communication skill is very important in freelancing. It will help you to deal with clients. The clients will be happy to work with a person who has strong words and good communication skills.

* Last but not least, in freelancing you should need to build your portfolio every now and then because that what going to bring you clients from all over the world.


Benefits of choosing freelancing as a career

Resign your job, start your Freelancing Career.. Here is the 5 top Benefits of choosing a freelancing as a career.

* Freelancing will pay more money for less time of work than the ordinary 8 hours work.

* Freelancing will not curb a freelancer from committing into new projects when they already have one.

* Freelancers can work on their flexible time so a freelancer with good attitude and well planned mind can choose freelancing as a career and success it.

* Nowadays people are looking for freelancers for work in order to save their money, so the demand for the freelancers is increasing day by day.

* People also want to get best for the money they put into it. So creative and talented freelancers are always receiving a warm welcome from the clients.


Beyond everything, indeed, freelancing can definitely be a perfect career for a passionate person. The freelancer who is passionate about their work can choose freelancing as their career. People would say that freelancing is not stable career but a passionate and creative freelancer in  with the audacity to do it can choose it as their career.


Hire them

Find Freelancers in Chennai, Hire Freelancers, Be an Freelancer!!!

If you are an freelancer? or Looking for freelancers? Kindly Comment

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How Much Freelancers Get Paid?

How Do Freelancers Get Paid?

Why Do People Hire Freelancers?

How to Find Freelancers in Chennai?

How Many Freelancers Are Working In Chennai?

What are the Responsibilities of Freelancers?

Do Freelancers In Chennai Are Happier?

Where Are Freelancers Living In Chennai?

Can Freelancing Be A Career?

Why Does Freelancers own a Blog?

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