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10 Best White Shirt Brands in India for Men

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White is often associated with purity and power. It gives you a look of elegance and adds up to your charisma. This is the reason why you should have at least one white shirt in your wardrobe. Are you confused about which brand to choose when it comes to white shirts? Here are the top 10 best white shirt brands in India which are sure to put you out of this confusion.

Best White Shirt Brands in India for Men
Best White Shirt Brands in India

#1 - Allen Solly White Shirt

Allen Solly is one of India’s fastest-growing branded apparel company. It is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. This company caters to the needs of every age group and gender. 

The garments made by this brand stands out from other garments in the market. It was the first brand to make a trend for women’s work apparel. Among its wide range of shirts, the company offers you one of the high-end white shirts for men. 

The material used in this Allen Solly Shirt is 100% cotton and is easy to wash. It has a great fitting and is soft on the skin. When you walk out wearing this white shirt, you certainly are going to stand out from the crowd.

Allen Solly White Shirt

#2 - Peter England White Shirt

Peter England is yet another apparel brand acquired by the Aditya Birla group. They are one of the trusted men’s wear brands in India. They have laid a benchmark in men’s formal and casual wear.

If you’re struggling to decide on a perfect white shirt for men, then Peter England is definitely a brand which you should consider. The white shirt offered by Peter England is made with a fine blend of polyester and viscose rayon. 

This unique blend of fiber gives you the comfortable fit and clean look you are seeking. It will definitely be a worthy addition to your business wardrobe. 

Owing to its high quality this brand may slightly be on the costlier side of the scale but this particular shirt is totally worth the price

Peter England White Shirt

#3 - Urbano Fashion White Shirt

Urbano Fashion is one of the best men’s fashion brands that provide you with the latest vogue. It is one of the most trusted apparel brands. It offers a fine collection of garments for Men, Women, and Kids.

The brand believes in the motto ` Fashion is all about you’ and keeping that in mind they design apparels that allow you to be who you truly are. Urbano Fashion white shirt is a premium white shirt available in men’s fashion. 

It has a full placket design with a very fashionable mandarin collar. The shirt with its 100 % cotton essence and perfect fabric construction is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Urbano Fashion White Shirt

#4 - Arrow Men’s White Shirt

When it comes to style and class, Arrow is the brand that does not fall behind. Arrow is a brand that is renowned for its classic American styling. It has a wide assortment of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. 

It is one of the most trusted formal wear brands. There are almost 400 freestanding Arrow stores worldwide. Arrow’s white formal shirt has got a 100% cotton making. The shirt has cutaway classic collar and long sleeves with mitered cuffs. 

While speaking about the top 10 best white shirt brands, Arrow cannot be ruled out. This exemplary shirt from Arrow will elevate your wardrobe standards.

Arrow Mens White Shirt

#5 - Raymond Men’s White Shirt

Raymond Group has been delivering world-class quality products with consistency since 1925. They are a formidable brand in shirts and readymade apparel. Raymond certainly produces the finest fabrics in the world. 

They have truly raised the bar of Indian textile manufacturing. Raymond’s men’s white shirt is a must-have white shirt among your formal apparel. It is made with good quality cotton fabric and the fitting style of the shirt is regular fit. 

Like any other apparel made by the Raymond group, this apparel is also a premium quality apparel.

Raymond Mens White Shirt

#6 - Louis Philippe White Shirt

Louis Philippe is one of India’s largest apparel brands in terms of sales. It presents you with clothing that screams class and perfection. Louis Philippe puts forward a classic patterned formal white shirt before you. 

It is one of the finest men’s white shirts available in India. It is made of premium quality wrinkle-free cotton which is extremely lightweight. It is a beautifully crafted piece with long sleeves and a slim fit. 

Its wrinkle-free property keeps you confident and uncrushed  throughout the day. The material used for the making of the shirt has an excellent water and oil repellent quality which makes stain removal easier. It gives out a sense of finesse and grandeur. 

Louis Philippe White Shirt

#7 - Van Heusen Men’s White Shirt

This is yet another brand that is owned by Aditya Birla Fashion and lifestyle group. It offers a wide variety of apparels in both men’s and women’s sections. This brand cannot be excluded ruled out when you consider formal wear. 

Van Heusen presents you an elegant formal white shirt which is one of the superior quality white shirts offered by the apparel industry. 

It is a 100% cotton shirt that has a chest pocket and a crisp cutaway collar. The fit type offered in this shirt is slim fit. It is a perfect outfit for the corporate world.

Van Heusen Mens White Shirt

#8 - Park Avenue White Shirt

Park Avenue is a brand owned by the Raymond group. It is one of the most trusted brands in India. It offers men complete wardrobe dressing solutionsApart from apparel, the Park Avenue range also includes body fragrances, body care products, shaving systems, and hair care solutions. 

Their products are made with international materials and a high deal of research is done to ensure the consistency of the premium quality. Park Avenue offers a plain regular-fit formal white shirt for men. It is made up of 100% cotton fabric

It has a semi-cutaway collar and full sleeve which gives you a classy and refined look. In spite of being formal, it maintains the sync with the youth. It is a sure inclusion in the top ten best white shirts available in India. 

Park Avenue White shirt

#9 - John Players White Shirt

John Players has come up with a perfect collection for men’s fashion wardrobe. It has introduced yet another beautifully crafted white formal shirt. It is made with the perfect blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. 

It is a solid slim-fit shirt with long sleeves. This shirt gives you a stylish look and is perfect for all occasions. 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly deal then this product cannot be ruled out. It is reasonable and at the same time, it does not compromise on style. 

John Players white Shirt

#10. Symbol White Shirt

The Symbol is the first private fashion brand launched by Amazon. They offer shirts, t-shirts, innerwear, bottoms, and accessories. As of now, all the products they offer appear to be for men. 

It has put forward men’s regular fit white shirts which can be considered worthy of addition to the list of top ten white shirts. 

It can be used as a business wear. It is made up of 100 % cotton and has a cut and sew front placket in its construction. 

It flaunts a semi-cutaway collar and chiseled cuff which gives it an exquisite look. It is a comfortable outfit both for business meetings and casual gatherings.  

Symbol White Shirt

Bonus - Basics Slim Fit White Shirt

Basics is one of India’s fastest-growing branded apparel companies. It is a division of Hasbro Clothing Pvt Ltd. This company caters to the needs of every age group and gender. 

The garments made by this brand stand out from other garments in the market. It was the first brand to make a trend for men’s work apparel. Among its wide range of shirts, the company offers you one of the high-end white shirts for men. 

The material used in this Basics Shirt is 100% cotton, Linen, Oxford, and is easy to wash. It has a great fitting and is soft on the skin. When you walk out wearing this white shirt, you certainly are going to stand out from the crowd.

Basics Slim Fit White Shirt

5 Best Traditional Pure White Cotton Shirts Brands for Dhotis in Tamil Nadu

The clothes you wear are definitely a reflection of your personality. White is known to reflect the attributes of innocence, class, and cleanliness. 

An indispensable part of our society has chosen white attires and particularly white shirts as their outfits. This group includes mainly politicians, farmers, and aged people. 

Politicians adorn their white shirt and dhoti to exude that they are flawless and clean which is what ideal politics is supposed to be. 

The white shirt that a farmer wears is a symbol of trust. The consumers believe in the farmers and their goods wholly.

Here are the list of 5 best traditional pure white shirts brands in Tamilnadu.



Minister White



#1- Ramraj Cotton White Shirt

Ramraj Cotton is a pioneer in the production of our traditional South Indian dhotis. It was established in 1983 and since then they offer you the finest traditional cotton apparels which is one of their kind.

Ramraj cotton offers you a regular fit white shirt. It is one of the premium traditional pure white shirts available in the market. 

It is made of pure cotton and its quality is almost unbeatable. It has a regular collar and full sleeves. It gives a classic look and stands for the commitment to our cherished traditions. 

Ramraj White Shirt

#2- MCR Cotton White Shirt

MCR textiles are a renowned textile company that has won millions of hearts in the South Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Their products have the perfect balance of craftsmanship and style. 

MCR has one of the finest traditional pure white shirts available in the market. It is a pure cotton shirt and has full sleeves, unlike the common half sleeve trend. 

It has a regular fit and is very soft to touch. It is meant to be worn for traditional gatherings, weddings, etc. It fulfils the desire for style and at the same time, it keeps its traditional essence intact. 

MCR White Shirt

#3- Minister White Shirt

Minister White is a product of OTTO. They offer you the finest ethnic wear for any occasion. They believe that tradition never gets old. It makes a collection of premium quality white shirts and dhotis

Their white shirt can be considered as a distinct addition to the list of top 5 traditional pure white shirtsIt is an attractive pure white shirt that features a pair of half sleeves. 

It flaunts a cutaway collar and button front. This brand has set a benchmark in the case of pure white shirts.

Minister White Shirt

#4- Uathayam Cotton White Shirt

Uathayam is part of the three-decade-old prestigious company set in Erode. After the launching of their first product, white dhoti, they introduced good quality white shirts to the Indian market. 

They offer high-quality attractive bright white shirts. It is made up of 100 % cotton material and has regular fit along with half and full sleeves.

Uathayam White Shirt

#5- Alaya Cotton White Shirt

Alaya cotton was established in 2002 and is known for its good fit and quality. In 2007 they introduced a wide range of men’s shirts following their introduction of dhotis

It offers you a trendy white shirt which strengthens your look. It has regular fit classic white shirt with both full and half sleeves

It can be used for both regular and occasional wear. The brand offers you good quality white shirts at a reasonable price. 

Alaya White Shirt

Guide for Choosing a Perfect White Shirts

A white shirt is the most iconic and mandatory addition to every gentleman’s wardrobe. Let it be the first day of your office or a date with your girlfriend, if you’re confused about your outfit then the white in your wardrobe is the ultimate savior. 

A perfect white shirt is the key to elegance but is it easy to find the perfect one? Here are some tips to select your right one.  Choosing the best material is the first step and pure cotton is no doubt the best material for the perfect white shirt. You can also keep things classy by choosing linen. 

● Right Material

Choosing the best material is the first step and pure cotton is no doubt the best material for the perfect white shirt. You can also keep things classy by choosing linen. 

● Perfect Fit and Cut

Knowing your body type is very important when deciding on the style of cut you want. If you’re on the fitter part of the scale then you should probably opt for the slim fit style and if you’re on the other side then the regular fit will definitely add up to your charm. 

● Appropriate style of collars

Collar scan reflect your personality and purpose. The style of collar you choose may show the vibe you want to exude. If you’re looking forward to a cool and sassy look then you should probably choose a casual style like the mandarin collar and if you’re choosing for a business affair then a regular cutaway collar would be appropriate. A medium spread collar is also a neutral option. 

● Premium quality buttons

Ensure that the buttons are white and also of high quality. White pearl buttons are a good choice for a sophisticated look. For a shirt to stay in your wardrobe for a long it is important that you give enough attention to the quality of the buttons.

Top 5 Perfect Match for White Shirts

There’s not a more humble and at the same time sophisticated garment as a premium pure white shirt. It can star on any occasion, be it a traditional function, a casual day out, or a formal meeting. A white shirt with its appropriate pair is all you need to slay the event.

● With Dhotis

The dhoti-shirt look is an iconic part of our South Indian fashion. The all-white look never loses its charm and elegance. 

White shirts are best paired with our traditional dhoti. If sarees bring grace to women then the dhoti-shirt look is the ultimate killer look for men.

● With Blue Jeans

Just as you can sport a traditional look in a white shirt dhoti, you can have the stylish and sassy look by pairing the white shirt with a pair of blue jeans. 

Choosing the right style of the white shirt is very important and if you manage to crack that then you are sure to shine.

● With Suit

White shirts are the perfect, easiest, and most elegant pair to a suit. A dark-shaded suit and a white shirt are all you need to slay a business meeting. 

It exudes purity, honesty, and power, and isn’t that just what you need on a day when you have to prove your excellence. 

Walkout wearing this outfit and you’re definitely gonna stand out from the mediocre crowd.

With Shorts

A good white cotton shirt and a pair of shorts are inevitable summer wear. The correct set of shirts and shorts gives you the vogue look you intend to flaunt. 

If you’re out there on a beach date then this one is a sure choice. You’re definitely gonna make heads turn as you walk. 

It gives you the stylish look and does not compromise with comfort and ease.

● With Formal Pant and Shoes

The simplicity of the white shirt offers a variety of options with which it will harmonize. A white shirt and formal pants is a classic look. 

This look is a definite lifesaver when you have a business to run. For the final touch to the look, you just have to pair it with the mood-appropriate shoes and then you can walk out with the vibes of a gentleman.


This wardrobe mainstay screams elegance, class , and vigor all at the same time. Whites are one of the best mood uplifting colour as well. So what are you waiting for? Which white shirt are you going to add to your wardrobe? Let us know, comment below!

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