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Top 10 Best Handkerchief brand in India – 11 Hankies for Men & Women

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Usually, men are not considered to carry much of stationeries like women. They like to keep things simple and minimal.

Yet it is crucial to carry the minimum hygiene essentials to protect oneself from harmful germs.

Hence a handkerchief is a must while stepping outdoors. It is outmost needed in this changing climate, where people are exposed to viruses causing cold and influenza.

It is often seen as a decent courtesy when a man offers his clean handkerchief to a lady. This small piece of fabric is simple yet sophisticated to have in your pocket.

Also, a lady must carry a good piece of the handkerchief as it can be so handy when tissues aren’t available. 

A handkerchief can act as a long-lasting dry tissue which will save you from getting spoilers for your eyer makeup. 

You can find some premium quality branded handkerchief that has soft materials and skin-friendly in India. Here are some of our suggestions.

Best Handkerchiefs in India

Handkerchiefs are simple fabrics that are used for many purposes. It is used to wipe out hands, sweaty faces, and even tears while sad. 

But what we need to keep in mind is that there are many harmful fabrics which are not good for the delicate parts of your body like the face and skin. It should be made with 100 percent pure cotton or silk. 

These are the top 10 Handkerchief brands in India,

Van Heusen

Louis Philippe

TEX Homz


Allen Solly

Peter England

Spin Cart





11 Top & Best Handkerchiefs in India for Men & Women

Handkerchiefs are simple fabrics that are used for many purposes. It is used to wipe out hands, sweaty faces, and even tears while sad. But what we need to keep in mind is that there are many harmful fabrics which are not good for the delicate parts of your body like the face and skin. It should be made with 100 percent pure cotton or silk.

#1 - Van Heusen Men's Handkerchief

The Van Heusen hankies are made with premium quality 100% Cotton material which gives a soft touch to the face while using it.

It comes in a pack of six which is a great deal for the value. The color of the hanky remains solid white no matter how much you use it.

It is a pocket square hanky that could be paired with any kind of traditional or formal attire. The solid white color adds a polished look to the whole attire.

The handkerchief is 46*46 in dimension, which is perfect to fit in any pocket.

The brand logo in it gives it a royal and expensive touch while you carry it.

The fabric is suitable for machine wash, and it is not recommended to chlorine bleach.

You can iron it in a medium setting to get a coarse and crisp edgy white handkerchief every time you use it.

Van Heusen handkerchiefs

#2 - Louis Philippe Men's Cotton Handkerchief

Louis Phillipe is well known for its premium quality fabric and items of clothing. It also produces pure quality cotton handkerchiefs that are suitable for all occasions. 

These hankies come in dark solid colors so that you don’t have to worry about getting it stained.

 These mainly come in Maroon blue and brown which are the royal colors and go as pocket square hankies with every formal or ethnic outfit. 

The size of the hankies are quite comfortable that is neither too big nor too small that is a 46*46 as its dimensions

Louis Philippe Handkerchiefs

#3 - Tex Homz Women's Cotton Floral Pattern Handkerchiefs

Florals are the style of the decades. And you can never go wrong with anything floral print on it.

The Tex Homz cotton hankies are soft and stylish which gives a lady the sophistication she needs to hold. These floral collection of hankies are good quality cotton fabrics. 

Which are substantial and good for daily use. These are infused with the unique technology of micro absorbent which is great to absorb any kind of liquids that you may accidentally spill. 

These handkerchiefs are a pack of twelve sets and a multicolor with 900cm. sq. as in the area.

#4 - Bonjour Mens Formal Cotton Pack

Bonjour formals are the pack of 6 beautiful handkerchiefs that serves best for the handsome man.

It is made with the best quality cotton with beautiful stripes embellished on the bottom part, You can use hanky as a pocket square fabric in a dark-colored outfit. 

As it will contrast the color combination will make them look smarter. The multi-pack gives you an option to replace the hanky and use the other for a change. 

The fabric is extremely gentle on the skin and does not irritate sensitive skin people. Also, it is recommended for hand or machine wash.

#5 - Allen Solly Mens Cotton Handkerchief

Allen Solly is one of the top brands that produce exclusive hankies made with pure cotton. The fabric quality is top-notch and excellent for sensitive skin people for daily use. 

The hankies carry the brand logo on it which gives it an exclusionary look. These are perfect for machine wash.

 The quality of the fabric is nice and soft and does not spread wrinkles easily. The shine remains intact even after the longer use. 

The product is made in India and has a unique color, that are the shades of blue, Thus giving it a unique look to carry. 

The hankies are of the dimensions 16*10*5 cm. The handkerchiefs go well with all kinds of outfits and give you a sturdy look.

Allen Solly Mens Handkerchiefs

#6 - Peter England - Branded Mens Multicolor Handkerchief

The pastel-colored handkerchief of Peter England is one of the uniquely designed handkerchiefs that have marvelous stripe designs on its bottom. 

The hankies are 100 percent pure cotton and skin-friendly. These hankies could be used as the pocket squares with the lighter shades fabrics, The length and breadth of the material is 44*44 cm. 

These are not on the lighter end cotton but have heavier thread works that last long and are durable. 

The hankies come in a clear box gift packaging which also converts it to a good gifting option.

Peter England Mens Cotton Handkerchief

#7 - SPIN CART Cotton White Hanky For Men

Spin Cart Cotton handkerchiefs are amazing quality hankies that are made with 100% pure cotton. These are a pack of 12 hankies that come in a substantial gift set. 

These are solid white color soft hankies and have stripes on their button. The size of the hankies are XXL and thus give you a perfect length to use it as a hanky and a sanitary napkin. 

You can use the soft hankie to wipe your hands and sweats as the material is super absorbent ad absorbs the liquid easily. 

This is safe to use on the face as it is super soft and skin-friendly. It is recommended to wash the handkerchiefs with mild detergent and dry it in shade.

SPIN CART cotton Handkerchiefs

#8 - Rosewood Handkerchiefs for Women

The ladies Rosewood cotton floral handkerchiefs are super affordable and come In a pack of 12. These multicolor flora patterns are of size 30cms*30cms in area.

These hankies are soft and durable. These have micro absorbent nanoparticles infused in them which make it a substantial fabric for a lady’s emergency. 

The hankies are exclusively customized and are handcrafted in India with unique craftsmanship designs. 

It is one of the best ladies hanky brand which locally made in India, hence you could be the vocal for Local and support the traders and environment by not using the tissue papers. 

The hankies are recommended to wash in lukewarm water and are advisable to dry in shade.

Rosewood Womens Cotton Floral Pattern Handkerchief

#9 - Kuber Industries Cotton 6 Piece White Handkerchief

The white handkerchief of Kuber Industries is made with the finest quality cotton. These come in a pack of 6 hankies and are efficient for daily use. 

The material of the fabric is durable and suitable for everyday rough and tough use. These materials have micro absorbent weaved in them which makes them super light and easy absorbent in any emergency. 

Also, these handkerchiefs help you protect your environment by not using tissue paper and saving a tree. 

The hankies are manufactured in India and are made by local weavers and traders. Hence this could be the best opportunity to support the locals. 

Also the size of the hankies are 17.2-inch x 16.9 inches which are just perfect to keep in pockets.

Kuber Industries Cotton Kerchiefs

#10 - S4S Men's Colored Cotton Hankies

S4S handkerchiefs are made with premium quality pure cotton material which makes the hankies feel super fresh and dry.

These come in the pack of 6 which goes well when you need a change in your regular hankies. Also, the size of the fabric is 42*42 cm, which is perfect to fit in any pocket.

 With soft texture and classic single and multi-stripe designs in the button, it gives you an exclusive look.

The fabric is highly absorbent and quickly absorbs all the liquidity. It is advisable to wash the hanky in a machine or with hands using a mild detergent.

S4S Mens Cotton Essential Handkerchiefs

#11 - LealDealz Premium Cotton Handkerchief for Men

Lealdealz premium cotton hankies are one of the best choices as it is made with the best quality cotton in the whole of India.

The hankies have a classic design with single and multi stripes at the bottom. These are 41*41 cm in the area and fits perfectly in the man pockets. 

These hankies are perfect for any occasion and go really well with traditional and modern outfits. 

It is soft in its texture and does not irritates sensitive skin. These fabrics are weaved in such a way that the material is highly absorbent and thus you will not feel the need to keep a tissue in your vicinity. 

The hankies tend to have their shiny look even after many washes.

LealDealz Premium Cotton Handkerchief

Necessity of having Handkerchiefs:

1. Wipe our sweat

A hot humid day can give you a tough time until and unless you have a good hanky or a tissue. Well, it’s advisable to keep a cotton hanky handy so that it will keep you fresh ll day long. 

2. Dry our tears

Tears are the form of our emotions and it’s normal to express your emotions openly. But what is not normal is the tears that ruin your makeup that you ook quite a time and effort to create.so keeping a hanky is essential that will save your eyeliner to spoil.

3. Dry our hands

Its a matter of hygiene when it comes to practice hand sanitization. So it’s paramount to keep a hanky handy so that you don’t have to look for tissue that may not be available in all places.

4. Clean our Phone

Sometimes our phone gets covered up with dirt and dust on its screen. You can use the end part of the hanky to clean the phone screen. This will ensure a bright display and keep you away from dirt and dust.

5. Use as a Pocket Square

Pocket squares are the accessories that are made by folding the hanky into three-fold and placing it in the breast pockets to enhance the formal or the traditional look. These compliments a man perfectly giving him a dashing look.

What are handkerchiefs made of in India?

Organically hand weaves Cotton & Silk handkerchiefs are made in India. Handkerchiefs come in different variances of fabric like lace, satin, cotton jersey, flannel, etc.

But the most preferred fabric for handkerchiefs is cotton and silk mixed with cotton. The cotton hankies are skin-friendly and are safe to use in sensitive skin people. 

These hankies are crafted on such a way that they fit perfectly into your pockets and are great absorbents.

Does Silk Handkerchiefs are better than Cotton? Why?

No, silk hankies are not better than cotton hankies. Silk hankies are normally used as the pocket square accessory in men outfit or table decorative. 

But pure silk is dysfunctional and cannot be a good handkerchief. As it does not absorb the liquid easily and is very lightweight. 

Hence silk hankies are always amalgamed with cotton fabrics to be functionally used a s a hanky.

Why handkerchiefs are better than tissue?

Hankies are made with pure cotton and are long-lasting while tissues are made with paper and are suitable for single use. 

Also, a single tissue cannot provide you the best service, you may need more than one tissue to do your service. 

While hankies are durable fabrics which are highly absorbent and give you a spic and span clean feeling. 

Also, you would be able to save your environment by saving trees that get destroyed every year making tissues and wipes.

How to fold a handkerchief to Pocket Square?

1. Take a satin or silk hanky with preferably a shiny fabric that goes well with your outfit.

2. Place the fabric on a plane surface and keep it in a form of a Rhombus.

3. Hold both the adjacent ends of the hanky and join them with the opposite side.

4. Continue the two-fold process again.

5. Now you will find another cute little rhombus by doing the above-said process.

6. Hold the adjacent sides and fold them a little, continue to do the same with large another side.

7. Till now you would have got a shape of a cone, Now gold the bottom part of the hanky and twist it upwards.

8. Walla, your classic pocket square is ready.

You may also check this video to fold your kerchief into a pocket square.

Choose the best Hanky

Hankies Choosing the best hanky brand is a task and for that, you need to consider some points in mind. Always look for cotton, as this is organically produced and will never irritate your skin.

● Go for fabrics that dry out quickly.

● Ensure your satin hanky is mixed with some kind of absorbent that is necessary for the handkerchief to be functional.

● Go for branded and locally handwoven hankies produced in India.

These are a few tips that you can keep in your mind while choosing a hanky for yourself.

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