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Drive in theatre in Chennai – Open theater in Chennai

Drive in theatre in Chennai

Drive in theater in Chennai or drive in cinema is an alternative place for stereotypical movie theaters. In drive-in theaters people can ride their cars inside the theater and park it in front of a mega screen in an enclosed place at a defined specific distance. Though drive-in theatres or open theatres were introduced to the world in 1910, it became very popular in the 1940’s-1960. After the second world war common people started to buy cars for their daily use.

Somebody started to love their car’s more than anything they have. So the drive in cinema became a boon for them to watch their favorite movie hero’s actions on a big screen by sitting inside of her/his cars. In drive-in cinemas the cars used to park near the poles in which the speaker is attached. These drive-in cinema theaters are still considered as the best place for a lovers’ first date.

Nothing can be more romantic than watching a film under an open blue sky full of stars, isn’t it? There is a wonderful drive-in theatre in chennai where you can enjoy your movie with your family and car along with a caress coastal breeze on your face.


Drive-in Theater in Chennai


Prarthana drive-in cinema:

Let’s take a look at Prarthana beach drive in theatre in Chennai,

Prarthana beach drive in theatre is located at injambakkam, chennai. It’s the one and only drive in cinema (Open theatre) in chennai. Prarthana beach drive in theatre in chennai has 4,500 sq ft. Massive screen with elevated ramp for each car which gives customers a better viewing experience. Lets have a deep look on details about theater’s Facilities, 

1. Seating Facilities:

Movie lovers can enjoy their movies by sitting inside their cars or can lie down on their blankets in front of the car(allocated space) and watch the movie with their favorite snacks. Prarthana beach drive in theatre in chennai also has a 500 seater gallery for customers to watch movies.

2. Show times:

Prarthana drive in theatre in chennai plays two shows a day at 7:30 and 10:30pm. The movies are mostly in Tamil but once in a while English black buster movies are also played. Movie goers can book their tickets in Prarthana beach drive in theatre through online.

3. Sound System:

DTS sound system, xenon lamp house and powerful projector facilities in Prarthana beach drive in theatre gives an extraordinary experience to the movie goers.

4. Food Environments:

Prarthana beach drive in theatre in chennai also has a playground for children and a restaurant to serve food and snacks to the customers where they seated. Customers can also order any food they want from burgers to Chinese in the restaurant’s multi cuisine.

Movie lovers who are bored of watching a movie in a regular theater should try to watch movies in Prarthana beach drive-in cinema in chennai to get an new and extraordinary experience.


Other Drive-in theatres in India

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat and it is the fifth city in population in India.  Ahmedabad city is located in the banks of Sabarmati River. The Sardar Patel cricket stadium and his statue called The statue of unity makes this city the biggest tourist place in India. There are plenty of theaters and best movie halls in Ahmedabad but it has only one drive in cinema. Sunset drive-in cinema is the one and only drive-in theater in Ahmedabad. Lets check how many drive in theatres available in India.


1. Sunset drive-in cinema – Drive in Theater Ahmedabad

Sunset drive-in cinema is located at drive-in road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was founded in 1973.

Sunset drive-in cinema in Ahmedabad has a large parking slot with a massive screen. It has the largest open air screen in Asia. In sunset drive-in cinema, 665 vehicles can be parked in front of a screen at a time. Nearly 6,000 people can come together and enjoy the movie at the same time.

The greenish garden at the entrance of sunset drive-in cinema in Ahmedabad makes it look more natural. There is an auditorium in sunset drive-in cinema in Ahmedabad with Dolby sound system.

People who don’t wish to watch movies by sitting inside their car can enjoy their movies from the auditorium with their favorite snacks. There is also a food court inside the sunset drive-in cinema in Ahmedabad which serves food and snacks to the customers.


2. Gurgaon talkies – Drive in Theater Gurgaon, Haryana 

Gurgaon talkies is the north india’s first ever drive in theater. Gurgaon Talkies is located at 9 Revenue Estate, Vill. Gwalpahari, Gurgaon. 30 cars can be parked in front of gurgaon talkies large screen. Gurgaon talkies drive-in cinema also has aqua deck, aqua pods, multi cushion restaurant facilities. Gurgaon talkies is the one of the best places to party with your friends and watch good movies. 


3. Balaji drive-in – Drive in Theater Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 

Balaji drive in cinema aka STBL Drive in theaters in visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh was inaugurated in 2016. It’s located in visakhapatnam-srikakulam highway in sheelanagar. Balaji drive-in cinema has the capacity of 324 seats. A restaurant and a kid’s play area also attached with the Balaji drive-in cinema.


What makes Prarthana beach drive-in cinema Awesome:

  • Prarthana beach drive-in cinema is the one and only drive-in cinema in chennai and it is the first ever drive-in cinema to be located near by beach in the world.
  • The digital projection and digital sound system with 4,500 sq ft. Large screen gives an ineffable extraordinary new feeling to the movie goers.
  • Separate Elevated ramp for each car ensures the better view of the screen to movie lovers.
  • The 500 seater gallery in Prarthana beach drive-in cinema in chennai gives another option to its customers who don’t wish to watch movies in an open place.
  • Restaurant in the adjacent complex serves food and snacks to the customers allotted place. People can also order and get their food in the multi cuisine.
  • Playground inside the Prarthana beach drive-in open theatre makes it a children friendly environment. Parents can watch movies without worrying their children.

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