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Top 10 Best T-Shirt Brands in India

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T-shirts are always comfortable dresses to wear in all seasons. Each one of you, without exception, will be having t-shirts. Its versatility and comfort is the factor that makes them appear in everybody’s wardrobe. Are you looking to add some more to your apparel collection? Why don’t you pick out from the best t-shirt brands in India

Best T Shirt Brands in India
best t-shirt brands in India

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Which is the best T-shirt brand in India?

Indian Terrain is the best t-shirt brand in India. It has been chosen as the top owing to its premium fabrics, superior tailoring, and comfortable fits.

List of top 10 best Tshirt brands in India

These are the top 10 t shirt brands in India, If you are looking for best Formal shirt brands in India; then click here

Jack and Jones




Louis Philippe

Tommy Hilfiger 

Urbano Fashion

Scott International


#1 - is for classy dudes, upwardly mobile young men. Rajarajan T launched Doods with the intention of delivering classic Anti-stink, Pre-shrunk, Bio wash, Premium T-shirts to men in India.

Doods was founded in 2022 and split off from its parent firm, Mr.Lungi in 2019. Solid plain t-shirts come in a multitude style and colors, including the pique polo t-shirt, round-neck t-shirt at very affordable prices. 

These t-shirts are known for their premium finish and will be suitable for casual and regular wear. They have a Premium collection of t-shirts for both formal and party mens.

Doods tshirt

#2 - Jack and Jones Tshirts

JACK & JONES, one of Europe’s premier menswear manufacturers, is gaining ground on a proud history of workmanship, unparalleled quality, and exceptional style. Despite humble origins dating as far back as 1990, the brand now maintains an unrivaled position in the field of fashionable t-shirts for men.

They have four basic collections: Vintage – the authentic t-shirts with a contemporary twist, Premium – classic t-shirts with great quality fabrics, Originals – inspired by modern pop culture; these t-shirts are vibrant and easy-going, and Core – t-shirts with a hint of both casual and formal styles with high-quality fabric and finish.

Jack and Jones tshirt

#3 - Levis T-Shirts

Levis is one of the best t-shirt brands in India. Even if they always bring out the latest trends and are thought to be a modern brand, they date back to 1853. They are the ones who invented the blue jeans.

This is a very popular and affordable t-shirt brand in India. They always stick to the trend and manufacture their t-shirts with top-quality raw materials. Their t-shirts are best suited for informal occasions. They have huge varieties of classy t-shirts in stock for men of all ages. These being pocket friendly, are very long-lasting as well.

Levis tshirt

#4 - Jockey T-Shirts

Jockey has been shining in the apparel market since 1876. This American apparel company has some of the coolest t-shirt collections. The fabric and the vivid color range that they have are breathtaking. 

With this popular t-shirt brand in your wardrobe, looking handsome and stylish is now a piece of cake. They have a huge collection of perfect-fitting t-shirts that can be worn both for work and at home. 

The fabric feels and eases to clean be another noteworthy quality. These t-shirts are really affordable and quite durable. Once you wear these trendy t-shirts, you will love them!

United Colors of Benetton tshirt

#5 - Adidas T Shirt

Adidas was founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler with 47 employees. Apart from t-shirts, this brand has  earned best name for sports shoes.

These t-shirts are more casual than formal. Wear it to some party or while you hang out with your friends to look all the way dashing. This t-shirt brand is really long-lasting and colorfast. 

The fabric too is very comfortable and classy looking. There are a wide range of varieties, colors, and designs available with this affordable brand.

Monte Carlo thsirt

#6 - Louis Philippe T-Shirt

Louis Philippe, a venture of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a subdivision of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle, has become one of India’s biggest and most popular branded apparel companies

Famous for its extravagance and classy looks, this brand is a bit on the high end of the budget. This is popular among top t-shirt brands in India as it has very premium quality fabric, appealing designs, and wide varieties of hues available. 

It gives you ultra-modern and sophisticated looks. It has different styles to suit teenagers, adults, and even elders. These great t-shirts owing to their high quality last really long and come with ease for cleaning.

Louis Philippe thsirt

#6 - Tommy Hilfiger T Shirts

Tommy Hilfiger is another best t-shirt brand available in India. Ever since its launch in 1985, it has been popular as an American styled, cool t-shirt brand. This premium brand has the best combination of quality and affordability. 

These t-shirts are available both in budget-friendly and high-end ranges. They use various masterful and modern techniques to bring you the best quality t-shirts. 

They have t-shirts made for both professional and informal occasions. They have a range of t-shirts specially designed as premium activewear. Its trendy and stylish design will make your look best effortlessly.

Tommy Hilfiger tshirt

#8 - Urbano Fashion TShirts

Urbano Fashion is a unique fashion store that believes in expressing itself. Keeping this in mind, they have launched a wide range of stylish and exquisite t-shirts for men. 

Their t-shirts are made with very good quality fabric and have top-notch finishing.  These t-shirts are very affordable and come in various designs and prints. They have t-shirts which can be worn at work as well as at parties. 

Extremely comfy t-shirts at this price range are really awesome. Plain, printed, striped, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, with or without a collar, everything is in stock. Express who you are with Urbano Fashion t-shirts!

Urbano Fashion tshirt

#9 - Scott International T-Shirt

Select from yet another best t-shirt brand available in India, Scott International. This brand is famous for its 100% original, organic cotton t-shirts. They have classy-looking t-shirts for both casual and formal events. 

Also, no matter what your age is, they will always have something for you. There is a wide range of colors available with them. Also, they often have attractive combo offers. 

These are in a very affordable price range and last really long. The washing process is also easy for this brand. Now rock in this simple yet stylish attire every day!

Scott International tshirt

#10. Eyebogler T-Shirt

The last one in the list of top 10 t-shirt brands in India is Eyebogler. They have bought you some super stylish yet very pocket-friendly t-shirt collections. These are casual t-shirts, best suited as informal or party wear. 

There are numerous designs and several color combinations available. These highly sophisticated t-shirts are best suited for young minds. They are easy to wash and last really well

Another thing to be noted is their perfect fit and high-quality stitching. If you are a style and color-loving man, go for it without a second thought!

eyebogler tshirt

3 best polo t-shirt brands in India

Here are the list of 3 best Polo T-Shirt brands for men in India.

US Polo

Classic Polo

Ralph Lauren 

#1- US Polo Tshirts

The U.S. POLO ASSN. inc. was established in 1981 because of an intent to create a clothing line that genuinely expressed the essence of polo and supported the United States Polo Association’s efforts (USPA).

This brand is known for its exceptional quality of fabric and stitching in Polo T Shirts. These classy-looking polo t-shirts will enable you to be the center of attention with their vibration finish and attractive colors.

These t-shirts are a little to the high end of the budget owing to their amazing quality. The fabric used to manufacture these are 100% pure cotton. Without a doubt, this is one of the best T-shirt brands in India.

US polo Tshirt

#2- Classic Polo T-Shirts

RCG (Royal Classic Groups) is a textile company situated in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. R. Gopalakrishnan started it in 1991. Under this, Classic Polo was launched in 2001. This is another best polo t-shirt brand in India. They have been stylish men’s apparel for years.

These polo t-shirts are normally the trendsetters and are immensely loved by young men. These are available in various styles and colors. They offer one of the finest and most vibrant collections of t-shirts for men.

They are extremely comfortable, easy to wash, and affordable. Wearing these premium quality polo t-shirts will make you look the coolest in your gang.

Classic Polo thsirt

#3- Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts

The next among the best polo t-shirt brands in India is Ralph Lauren. They have been ruling the fashion market for 50+ years. They are known for redefining the styles.

The brand has polo collections for both men and women. These t-shirts will give you an American sporty look. They offer a huge collection of polo t-shirts for men.

These give you the most sophisticated and elegant look when worn. To look pure, authentic and iconic, have some of their polo t-shirts in your wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren polo tshirt

Top 3 Indian t-shirt brands made in India

Here are the list of Top 3 Indian made T-Shirt brands.

Allen Solly



#1- Allen Solly T-Shirts

Established in 1993, Allen Solly is the go-to brand when we need smart casuals. It is from Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited.

Allen Solly is among the best made in India t-shirt brand and has a huge collection of fashion-forward t-shirts.

This brand is constantly innovating to bring the trendiest styles with bold colors and playful designs. They offer a wide range of choices to wear for both formal and informal uses.

Pick out the t-shirts that suit your personality and look extremely stylish. Comfort, quality, and looks, all in a single piece!

Allen Solly Indian made t shirt

#3- Basics T-Shirts

Basics are the ultimate fashion site and one of the most preferred men’s clothing brands. They have always been keeping up with international fashion trends and release new fashion for every summer, fall, spring, and winter with different fabrics and styles which suit that particular season.

The t-shirts are durable as they are made with the best quality raw materials. The stitching and finishing are also perfect. It will be a perfect fit for you and you will look voguish.

At Parties or meetings, these t-shirts can give you that sophisticated yet elegant look.

BASICS Tshirts made in india

#3- Mufti T-Shirts

This is another top made in India t-shirt brand. It was established in 1998 and has been a trendsetter ever since. For 20+ years, Mufti has been providing men with comfortable, stylish, and affordable apparel.

They have a separate collection of sporty t-shirts as well. These are best for daily casual wear. They are durable and easy to clean.

Mufti t-shirts for men come in both short and long sleeves, as well as striking colors, creative designs, and unique embellishments like zipper tabs, tech tapes, badges, vintage stripes, textures, daring patterns, and hues that compliment. Looking handsome is now just a matter of a t-shirt!

Mufti indian made tshirt

Top 3 t-shirt brands in India for ladies

Here are the list of Top 3 T-Shirt brands for ladies in India.




#1- Harpa Ladies T-Shirts

Harpa is a very famous brand for women’s apparel. It has been constantly supplying stylish and affordable women’s clothing. They have a big collection of t-shirts as well.

Their t-shirts are vibrant in color, have trendy designs and eye-catching patterns. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Looking charming and cute can be easily accomplished by these t-shirts. Most of them are perfectly fitting and thus compliments your body shape.

They are available in a wide range of sizes. These t-shirts are mostly suited as informal wear like for a party or as casual daily wear.

Harpa ladies Tshirt

#2- LOV Ladies T-Shirts

L.O.V is known for its highly sophisticated and trendy apparel. They have a great t-shirt collection as well. These can be worn on both formal as well as informal occasions. They are affordable and long-lasting.

Their apparel is mostly made with 100% original, soft cotton which enhances its comfort and fitting. It also makes the fabric lightweight and breathable.

These t-shirts are very classy and give you a contemporary look. They are available in numerous colors and the good news is, these are all colors fast. Feeling comfortable and beautiful is now possible with these apparels.

Lov ladies tshirt

#3- HRX Ladies T-Shirts

HRX was founded in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment and was inspired by Hrithik Roshan’s life, which taught him that no matter how terrible a difficulty, it can be conquered with perseverance.

They have a very appealing collection of women’s t-shirts. These are mainly activewear and sportswear. It’s best suited as casual wear.

These t-shirts have exceptional designs and styles. They are available in various colors as well as sizes. The fabric is of high quality and the finishing too. These t-shirts are mostly affordable and easy to clean. Now look elegant casually in these tees.

HRX ladies tshirt

3 Cheap and best t-shirt brands in India

Here are the list of Top 3 cheap and best T-Shirt brands in India.



 Bon Organik

#1- Symbol T-Shirts - Amazon Brand

Symbol is a brand known for its versatile and stylish t-shirts. It is an Amazon apparel brand. Their t-shirts are best for everyday use. Symbol t-shirts are cool and casual-looking t-shirts. They are very affordable and come with decent quality

Also, t-shirts for both men and women are available in various sizes and styles. T-shirts are available in different colors, patterns, in the crew – V neck or Henleys. These t-shirts come with great fitting and strong stitching. 

These are easy to wash fabrics and are colorfast as well. They also have several combos offered online. Looking super cool in casuals is now budget-friendly.

Symbol cheap and best tshirt

#2- Max T-Shirts

Max was first launched in UAE in 2004 and came to India in 2006. Max t-shirts bring international fashion to you in a quite affordable price range. Their t-shirt collections are vivid and vibrant

They have both formal-looking and casual styled t-shirts in stock. They have an exclusive collection of Cool, Printed, Cotton, Digital & Graphic Print, Funky, Collar, V-Neck as well as Plain t-shirts. 

These perfect-fitting t-shirts are best for everyday use. They are very durable and have an excellent finish. Look finest in these fashionable t-shirts, grab some now!

Max cheap and best tshirt

#3- Bon Organik T-Shirts

Bon Organik is another best t-shirt brand in India known for the essence of emotions that it carries. It was established in 2012, and since then they have been in great demand owing to one of their specialties. 

This brand sells t-shirts based on the relationship. Mom-dad, parent-children, siblings, friends, and many more relatives are showcased on their t-shirts with attractive prints and patterns. 

These t-shirts usually come in combos. You can also order a single t-shirt if you wish. Their fabric quality and level of finishing are exceptional. These comfortable t-shirts are very long-lasting.

Bon Organik cheap and best tshirt

3 most expensive t-shirt brands in India

Here are the list of Top 3 most expensive T-Shirt brands in India.

Under Armour

Emporio Armani


#1- Under Armour Expensive T-Shirts

Under Armour is the top most brand when it comes to quality. Owing to its gentle, sturdy fabric and excellent finishing, it’s at the higher end of the price. These t-shirts are best for activewear or sportswear.

The fabric is made from 100% original and polyester which is smooth, soft, and lightweight on the body. Also, this comfortable fabric absorbs most of the sweat and keeps you dry and odor-free. 

This famous brand has an enormous collection of t-shirts in various colors, patterns, prints, fabrics, and styles. You can now look super cool in activewear too!

Under Armour expensive tshirt

#2- Emporio Armani Expensive T-Shirts

Emporio Armani is a luxury brand known for its apparel and accessories. It is a sub-label of Giorgio Armani, who launched it in the 1980s. Their t-shirts are extremely fashionable and the prices are at the high end. The high price is completely acceptable as the quality of these t-shirts is world-class.

These t-shirts, while being ultra-modern and sleek in design, are extremely comfortable. The fabric feels like a feather on the skin. It is also really durable and easily washable. 

Their t-shirts are of unique designs and you won’t find such designs in any other brand. The fitting of these t-shirts is commendable.

Emporio Armani expensive tshirt

#3- Guess Expensive T-Shirts

Guess is another among the best luxury t-shirt brands in India. It was founded by Paul and Maurice Marciano in 1981. Guess has been shining in the fashion and apparel industry since then.

Guess t-shirts have a simple yet crisp style. They can be worn for both informal and formal occasions. The fabric used and the finishing given is exceptionally good and thus, these t-shirts are expensive. 

Its high cost is justified by the charming and classy look that it imparts on the wearer.

Guess tshirt

How to choose a t-shirt? Tips and guide

Are you confused about what all criteria are to be considered while choosing a shirt? Don’t worry, here’s a list of the few most crucial factors to consider while choosing a t-shirt

1. Brand: 

In the market, we have numerous brands available. Each one claims to be the best, but we have to be extremely cautious while picking up the brand. Don’t buy any t-shirt straight away, do some quick research on google, where you can find brand reviews. Also, go on common shopping websites and see the customer reviews about the brand.

Once you shortlist a few brands, you can now choose one according to your style preference and budget. Different brands have different styles, color combinations, patterns, and designs. Also, there are high-end brands and some which have very affordable prices, select the one which suits you.

2. Fabric:

Choosing the fabric of your t-shirt is a very important factor. T-shirts are meant to be casuals and thus should have a comfortable fabric. The t-shirts are available in two main forms, they are:

– Cotton: 

Cotton is a natural fiber and thus the t-shirts made with 100% cotton are a very good option to consider. Most of the popular brands use 100% pure, organic cotton. Such t-shirts feel lightweight on the body and do not irritate the skin as well. 

These are ideal for hot, humid climates as they have sweat absorbing capacity. Some brands use a blend of cotton fibers with synthetic fibers like rayon or polyester. For manufacturing stretchy t-shirts, some companies use cotton spandex.

– Polyester:

Polyester is a manmade fiber made from chemical esters. These are nowadays widely used for manufacturing t-shirts and other apparel owing to many of its advantages.

Polyesters being an artificial fabric, is cheaper when compared to cotton. Also, such fabrics have very better colorfastness and stability. These can be easily washed and maintained. There is no shrinkage after washing also, such fabrics are wrinkle resistant.

These may not be ideal daily wear in summers but during winters, rains, and for sports activities, these are the most preferred ones. As these tend to dry up very quickly.

3. Fit:

T-shirts look good only when it is perfectly fitting, or else it might look unflattering. There are two basic fits in t-shirts.

– Regular fit:

This is the normal t-shirt fitting, It’s the traditionally styled fit that does not consider the body’s shape specifically. Thus, this can be worn by a person with any body shape. While choosing a regular fit, it is very important to choose the size that is yours, or else these t-shirts may be baggy and will create unappealing looks.

The length of the t-shirt should be appropriate and the sleeves should end at the mid-biceps. Also, don’t go for smaller sizes especially if you are not physically fit, or else it will spoil the entire look. Regular fit t-shirts can be opted for any formal occasion.

– Slim Fit:

As the name suggests, these are the t-shirts that fit the body according to its shape. Such t-shirts are narrower at the waist and the midsection and the arms too are tighter than the regular ones.

These kinds of t-shirts mostly suit men with a slim body as the fabric will be body-hugging and tight. Slim fit t-shirts can be best for informal occasions. Men with perfectly maintained physiques will look more appealing in such fit t-shirts.

4. Cut:

There are different kinds of cuts in t-shirts. They are as follows:

– Round neck:

A round neck t-shirt or a crew neck t-shirt is the most common t-shirt. These are more classic and have a vintage look. Those who have very lock necks will look good in a round-necked t-shirt as this will complement the neck in a good way. This classic round cut of the t-shirt is best for cooler climates as this style is less breathable when compared to the v neck.

– V Neck:

as the name suggests, these t-shirts are with a V-shaped neck cut. These are better suited for the ones who have a shorter neck. V neck will be a better option to wear in summers as these have a bit more breathability when compared to the round neck.

– Polo:

Polo t-shirts are the most common casual wear. The polo t-shirts are different from the regular t-shirt in terms that the polo t-shirts have a placket with two or three buttons under the collar while t-shirts don’t. These are also known as tennis shirts or golf shirts. Almost all the polos have collars and they are made from knitted clothes.

5. GSM:

You might be wondering what GSM is. Let me explain it to you. GSM is grams per square meter and is a very important thing to measure the quality of the fabric. This is a number and the number gives us an idea about the density of the fabric.

As the number increases, the thickness and weight of the fabric increase and as the number decreases, the fabric tends to become more lightweight. Now, the t-shirts with high GSM values are stronger but such t-shirts cannot be comfortably worn in summers. In the case of t-shirts, a GSM value of 180 is considered to be perfect for all seasons.

At 180, the fabric of the t-shirt is perfectly lightweight, at the same time, it’s adequately sturdy. Often, you may get happy when you find the same t-shirt you just saw, at a lower price. In such cases, always check the GSM of the fabric. Often it is seen that low-priced t-shirts have less GSM.

6. Transparency:

The transparency of the t-shirt depends on the fabric that has been used to manufacture them. For 100% cotton t-shirts, the level of transparency is low while 100% polyester t-shirts are high transparent.

There are some t-shirts made with jersey material which is the least transparent yet very lightweight. Normally, as the thickness of the fabric increases, the transparency decreases.

Also, light-colored t-shirts are more transparent than dark-colored ones.
The weave too, if it is loosely done, will enhance the transparency. A very good quality t-shirt will be lightweight while being the least transparent.

7. Stitches:

The stitching is also a very crucial factor. The t-shirt should be strongly stitched and interlocked at the hem. Inappropriately stitched t-shirts can distort your shape and make you look unappealing.

Also, the stitching should be perfect with straight, clean stitches, the curves should be perfectly sewn, the neckband should be smooth and the hem will be finished with perfection. Look for any twists or folds while buying one and avoid the t-shirts which have those.

Keenly look into the joints of the t-shirts and see if there are any tight, uneven stitches, if so, put it aside as these most often will be very uncomfortable to wear and will be of low quality.

8. Colors:

Color of your t-shirt plays an important role, as in any apparel. Let me make it clear to you that it is entirely your personal decision to pick out a color, but here are some tips that might help you.

It is necessary that you choose a t-shirt that goes well with your skin tone, style as well as the occasion you are going to attend. The people with warm skin tones may choose cool colors and the person with cool undertones may choose warm colors.

Also, if you are going to a party or to hanging out with friends, you can choose vibrant colors with funky designs and patterns; while if you are going for any formal occasions, it would be better if you choose solid colored t-shirts, with white and black being at the topmost priority.

9. Price:

Price is another important factor to consider. Basically, you should buy what you can afford. But sometimes, we might be buying specifically due to some reasons, for example, for sports practice or for a particular event. In such cases, where you will be using the t-shirts more often, buy from a good brand which might be a bit to the high-end of the price.

10. Website:

If you aren’t not buying a t-shirt from the shop, you might be buying it online. There are numerous websites available for us online and we should be careful while selecting the websites.

The chances of getting the wrong size, getting fooled, or encountering fraud are more while online shopping, so it is important for the website to be legit. For your convenience, I have listed out the top 10 websites for shopping for t-shirts bellow.

10 Best websites to buy t-shirts in India

1. Redwolf:

Redwolf is the best, independent clothing label that was established in 2011, by a group of friends. This website collects fantastic artworks and designs all over the world and makes t-shirts from it. Their t-shirts have unique styles at attractive prices. Every purchase is indirect support that you offer to great artists.

2. Beyoung:

This is a very good website that reflects the thoughts, choices, and personalities of young Indian souls. This website sells trendy apparel and accessories. Starting in 2017, this website has gained quite a popularity in terms of customer satisfaction. The website has lots of offers available for you throughout the year.

3. Bewakoof:

This is another of the top websites to go for t-shirts. The website creators believed that people who do things differently get called ‘bewakoof’ and thus the name came. The aim is to make an impact with innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness. This is clearly reflected in the products they sell.

4. Wyo: was launched in 2012 to address the need of people wanting to express themselves. This is a very amazing website to search for t-shirts. Wyo is ‘wear your opinion’, and as the name suggests, each t-shirt from this website has some unique designs that you can connect with.

5. The Souled Store: is a website that makes funky designs and patterns that can be printed on goodies like t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, hoodies, etc. You can choose from a wide variety of eye-catching designs on this website. Their products are quite affordable as well.

6. Amazon:

Amazon, as you all might be knowing, is the go-to website when it comes to shopping. This website has its own clothing labels as well as has numerous other brands selling their products on it. Amazon as the name says is like a dense forest full of apparel where you can choose from thousands of options.

7. Flipkart:

Flipkart too is not something you aren’t familiar with. Exactly like Amazon, there are hundreds of sellers selling their products on this website. Here, you can select from numerous t-shirts from different brands, each with its unique style. Both Amazon and Flipkart have several offers going on throughout the year.

8. Myntra:

Myntra is another best website to shop for apparel. Here too, there are various sellers selling their products, you will have ample to choose from. This website too has offers going on throughout the year. Unlike Amazon and Flipkart, Myntra is exclusively meant for fashion apparel and accessories.

9. Teestory: was created as a result of immense love for fashion, design and entrepreneurship. Each t-shirt from their website has a special story in it. They are devoted to creating unique t-shirts and give you plenty of thoughtfully crafted t-shirts to choose from. They believe that each person is unique and so everybody needs unique tees.

10. Kwabey: is another famous website for apparel shopping. The website was launched in 2000. They believe in quality and thus aim to serve their customers with top-quality t-shirts and items of clothing at their doorsteps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of wearing T-shirts

Coming to the pros and cons of the t-shirts, let us first look at some of its benefits.

1. Comfort:

The prime factor that makes t-shirts the best apparel is the level of comfort that it provides. T-shirts often feel very light and cozy on the body. As they are mostly made from fabric materials like cotton and polyester, t-shirts are always feel good clothes.

2. Multipurpose use:

T-shirts can be used anywhere, anytime. From the office to home, from formal meetings to family gatherings, t-shirts of different styles and colors can be used.

3. Easy to wear:

T-shirts are the easiest apparel to wear. Just put it on and pull it off! This is why, irrespective of gender and age, people prefer t-shirts.

4. Easy to manage:

T-shirts can be easily washed and dried. No need for any special laundry treatment or drying method. Also, most of the t-shirts are wrinkle-resistant, thus there is no need for ironing as well.

5. Saves time:

The ease of wearing, storing, washing and drying, together will do a great job in saving your valuable time.

6. Affordable:

These apparels are very affordable when compared with others. Also, a wide range of price options is available often. We can always find various combo offers as well.

Now let’s see some of their disadvantages

1. Non- Formal:

Cannot always be used as formal wear. While there are t-shirts that can be very formal looking, some venues don’t appreciate wearing t-shirts for highly formal meetings. Also, not all t-shirts look formal.

2. Size Problem

If the appropriate size is not purchased, the t-shirts may look very unattractive and may spoil your entire look. The size problem is often a hurdle for online shopping for t-shirts.

3. Color Factors:

The color factor may also make you look less flattering. Most of the solid-colored t-shirts are sometimes perceived as boring apparel.

4. Price:

Also, sometimes, some brands price the t-shirts in a way too high a range, which is completely unacceptable. This is mere branding and sometimes we end up spending unwanted money.


That’s all dear friends. Hope you all have gotten a well-defined answer for your quest. This article must have enlightened you in each and every aspect regarding the best t-shirt brands in India. Why wait? Go, fill your wardrobes with t-shirts that appeal to you the most. Still, have some doubts? Comment below!

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