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7 Biggest theatre screens in Chennai to enjoy Movie with your Family

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Biggest theatre screens in Chennai

It is a complete Dhamaka of luxurious Multiplex theatres all around the city in different names and screen sizes attracting the audience in large numbers giving them breathtaking moments.

Also, these biggest Movie screens in Chennai rank on the top in their facilities and high-end technology available for the general public at an affordable cost. The actor might be Tom Cruise or Ma Ka Pa, the screen is the same. They just want to deliver the pictured content to the mob.

To watch the latest cinema it is best to choose one among the following set of biggest theatre screens in Chennai. Aren’t we curious to know more fun-filled facts about each hall? Check out the following article that facilitating many searching youngsters and adults on all aspects.

big screen theater

7 Biggest theatre screens in Chennai to watch Movie:

Here are few suggestions of theatres to watch movies in the big screens.

  • Luxe Cinema – Royapettah
  • SPI Cinemas 
  • Udayam Theatre
  • Escape Cinemas
  • Palazzo
  • Mayajaal Cinemas
  • Inox

1. Luxe Cinema – Biggest movie screen in Chennai 

This is located in the center of Velachery, south part of Chennai. The attractive and classy interiors are the plus for the theatre located in Pheonix Market City.

The seats are Premium Reclining seats with a semi-circular arrangement that facilitates the same sound effect from any part of the theatre. The decoration within the hall is very stunning giving the posh feel. This is the first IMAX screen in Chennai.

11 screens can show 11 different movies at the same time. This is the crowd-puller when compared to all other screens. The screens were available for the public since 2013.

But, the audience was enormous in numbers when compared to the other theatres. The location and the amenities are a big plus for this theatre. The number of shows available on these screens is not sufficient for the public to enjoy happiness.

2. SPI cinemas – Theatres with More seats in Chennai

The most famous political, posh location Gopalapuram in Chennai has the big screen name SPI CINEMAS. Satyam is one of the oldest and first big screens with a multiplex setup.

This is a famous iconic theatre to watch Tamil movie releases. The most popular game Blur in Satyam offers both digital console and other games like bowling, etc.

This theatre consists of 1254 seats in total and was started in 1974. The main aim to visit this theatre is to make the audience experience the best among others.

3. Udayam Theatre:

The oldest and famous theatre in Chennai, as it was started in the 80’s. They cover an area of 1.5 acres in the center of Chennai. Initially, they had only three screens but later they expanded into 4.

During every release, there was a courtyard used by the fans to carry forward with their fun activities. The congregating fans stay outside the auditorium before every top her movies.

The amusements that they follow in the courtyard is the music and dance, they keep a 50-foot tall cutout made of cardboard’s and firecrackers. It is a place to watch a movie with family and friends. They are overloaded with excellent ambiance.

4. Escape cinemas:

This is also an SPI cinema group which has the posh surroundings. They are built within the multiplex theatres located in Express Avenue, Royapettah, Chennai.

The eight screens are plush and overloaded with best interiors including innovative elements. With the cinema appeals, the major part of the elements in the mall is innovative.

But, this is the first multiplex in Chennai that holds ‘Blind Movie Date’. This means the customers book tickets without knowing the movie and watch it in the cinema theatre. Thus, the theatre is up to that level.

5. Palazzo:

This is located inside Forum Vijaya Mall, at Vadapalani. This is the newest among all the other theatres in the Chennai Multiplexes. The interior decoration in the hall is very attractive and at the same time, the external settings are completely loaded with artistic work that most commonly attracts young tees and children.

The cough outside the theatre helps in conveying the time spent outside the theatre. The number of a hall in Palazzo is more than 7 thus it facilitates the customers to book tickets at any time for any movie.

The good mix of English and Tamil movie is the plus for this theatre. Almost all Tamil movies are shown here. The theatre shows digital 3D movies too. Also, Bollywood movies are running successfully in this theatre.

Almost all the customers are feeling satisfied with the seating arrangements and another setup. There no negative remarks on the eatables served.

6. Mayajaal Cinemas:

This is located along the East Coast Road, that is in the south of Chennai. It is a multiplex, complete resort-based refreshing hub. There are 16 screens inside the mall.

All Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional movies are released here on the release date. There is no chance of ‘houseful’ as it is outside the city they are mostly loaded with an uncountable number of seats.

They hold games like paintball, arcades, and bars and restaurants. The sound and visual treat are excellent over here and never the seat availability is insufficient. This is one of the largest multiplexes.

The concept of online booking is also available along with snacks. There is also a facility of a couple seats, family comfortable ambiance. The seats are sliding to comfort many customers.

The hospitality is excellent when compared to all other theatres. Outside the theatre wing, the entire mall is very pleasing with snow world, games, etc type of amusements.

7. INOX:

This is a very famous theatre located in the city center and the multiplex mall is named as the city center. The location is in Mylapore. The entire mall is constructed and designed is an approaching manner.

This is running successfully since 2007. Inox in major focuses on Hollywood movies, the digital effects, and another picture quality is worth for the money spent. More than all these, the best part is the world’s second-longest beach that is Marina Beach located at an arm’s distance from the venue.

Maybe it is the most adorable lover’s point. Just a movie and a sunbath is the common choice for other citizens. At the same time, a movie with a cup of an ice-cream stands on the top choice of the lovers.

Biggest movie screen in Chennai

To enjoy your favorite movie Darbar acted by favorite Super star and spend quality time with family and friends block the seats in any one of the above biggest movie screens in Chennai  and arrange a grand treat for both eyes and ears.

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